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My Passport to India

Anyone else participating in My Passport to India? We got our passports a few weeks ago. I printed out some pictures of the children and they glued them in their passport.

The children and I have been adding spare change to our suitcase. I'm thankful for the children, they have been happy to give to the children of India.
If you haven't joined it's not too late. Click on the link above to join.

There are pages that you can print. I printed one about a little girl named Sarita. She accepted Christ but her parents have not. Sometimes her parents want her to steal. She knows it's wrong but it torn between her parent and her new found faith.
I thought it would be nice for the children to ask a friend (who is a Christian and attends church regularly) to pray for Sarita too. Josh, told our friend about Sarita, asking for prayer.  I was saddened to hear the young girl reply,  "Have her pray for herself." and gave the picture and story of Sarita back. The friend didn't know I was close enough to hear.

As a parent, please read missionary books to your children at an early age. Talk to your children about other kids in other countries. Find out what you can do to help others know about Christ and get your children involved. Help your child see beyond themselves.
At times I'll serve white rice with yams for dinner and explain how this is all some children eat. I'll serve it again the next evening and tell my children to be thankful because we DO have more food.

When Josh was five, I started reading books that other parents thought disturbing, but it brought many good discussions with him and later his siblings. I read about little boys and girls who worshiped other gods and how they found the one true God. My children were not confused when I would read about children who worshipped the sun or idols because I would talk to them about it. They understood that they were lost and didn't know better.
Many of the titles below can be found in Sonlight's Core-K, Core 1 and Core-2 packages.
Some titles:
Missionary with the Millers
The gods Must be Angry
New Toes for Tia
A Pocketful of Yams
Mary on Horseback

More titles can be found at YWAM Publishing for the younger crowd they have Heroes for the Young Readers.


  1. So Kewl, Linda! Just signed up. It's a little late, but we'll catch up. ;)

  2. Dee, I think we have until November before we need to turn in the $$$ so you're okay. They'll keep the videos up until then I believe.

  3. So kewl. I'm going to start looking at the lessons on line tomorrow, until our kit arrives. We usually learn about other cultures around the world through Voice of the Martyrs, and through Windows of the World, so this should fit in nicely to what we do on Fridays. Thank you so much. I don't think many people knew about this...

  4. Our envelope arrived empty :( ...but Sonlight is already shipping another package out.


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