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Not Motivated

I must confess that I've been unmotivated this year with school. I enjoy homeschooling and have no desire to send the children to public school at all. I love having my children home. Can't imagine what I'd do with myself if they were in public school.
With the planning and correcting of papers department, I'm in some slump. I use to love planning our weeks out. This homeschool year it's been not fun for some odd reason.
I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining, because I don't mean too. I'm wondering why. I'm so embarrassed to write this but I think one of the reasons why are my crates. Yup! All that filing and I think it may be backfiring on me. Today I mentioned this to Annette, and she's so cute. She said,  "At least now you know it doesn't work, for next time." I'm not so sure it's the filing but all the crates. I have them stacked, and to get to Ethan and Lance's stuff, I have to first take off the to small filing things on the top and put it on my already messy table, then take the two heavy middle crates off to get to the bottom crate.
Then to file papers away, well, lets just say I look at my crates and think "Yikes". So many times my papers are not filed away and end up on the top of my file box.

I do have a solution. Get rid of the filing crates and use a big file cabinet, this way I can just open the drawer instead of moving a ton of stuff! The only problem is my file box is outside and has been through two storms already and it's brown. I asked my Sweets if he can please move it inside and paint it pink! He said, he can move in inside but is not sure about it being pink. I mentioned that it would look so much nicer in the kitchen if it was pink. So, we'll see what happens.


  1. I hear you about not being motivated this year. I'm just so tired of hearing from my older two how much they want to go to a "real" school like their friends, that it's really just sucking all the enjoyment out. That, and I am starting to see many of the same ADD/SPD symptoms that my 4th grader has in my Kindergartner. The thought of having to go through the struggle with another one on a daily basis has me contemplating a rubber room. I know in my heart that the best place for my girls is at home, and that the public school would only bring in twice as many difficulties as we already struggle with. But the ease of simply sending them off to school and having the rest of the day to actually get to clean the house, have a quiet time longer than five minutes, and maybe even volunteer somewhere is sounding really good. Perseverance is what I need to focus on. Blessings.

  2. Aw, Linda. You are too hard on yourself. You need to go back and re-read your review posts and see just how much you get done in a week. I'm always amazed and encouraged!

    I think painting the file cabinet pink is a nice idea and it will condense all the work in one area that you can see it and it won't be visually cluttering for you.

    I will pray that God help you find that place where you feel comfortable with the order of things, but please don't say you are lazy because you are anything but!


  3. Dee, thanks so much. Lupe, said the file cabinet is too big. It's one of those ones you see in an office. He got it from work. It's so nice though, just the wrong color and a bit larger then usual.
    Again, Dee, thanks for your kind words. I do need to stop being so hard on myself. I'm so excited my sis is coming. She may help me get my crates in better order.


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