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Not sure what is going on but I can't post pictures on my blog.When I hit the button to add images I get a blank screen. Anyone else having trouble??? I don't want to get behind with my picture posts.


  1. Hi Linda,
    I don't use Blogger to host my pictures, so I don't know :( I use my photobucket account and upload my pictures there and then paste the link in my posts.

    I hope that you can get it working,

  2. Yes, Linda, I am having pictures problems as well. I'm trying to get Josh's birthday pics up and haven't been able to. Also, I've left comments on several blogs and when I hit submit, I get an undelivered message. Ugh...it would help if I had copied the post before hand, but I hadn't, so there goes that. I thought maybe it was me, but I'm starting to think it's something going on with blogger...Hmm?


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