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Saxon Phonics 1

Today Ethan, completed Saxon Phonics lesson 33. It was a difficult lesson with using 'ed' making three sounds /ed/, /d/, /t/. He learned and understands how to code 'ed'. He learned that it's a suffix, but what makes it hard is when to use what sound. I did teach the rules of when to use what sound, but of course it was a lot of information. We just worked through it and since Saxon Phonics is incremental I know it will come up again.
 Below is a sentence we were working on together. He wasn't suppose to box the word 'the' but underline the 'th' and put a shwa symbol above the 'e'. Also, above the 'n' in the word 'and' there is white out because on his own he realized that the breve goes above the 'a' not the 'n'. He used crayon and couldn't erase.
 Working hard. He looks so cute. Ethan, is my only boy who has thin hair. All my other boys have thick hair, because of the thickness their hair sticks up.
 Completed page.
Because this was a difficult lesson, I will use the 'Homework' side of this page and go over this lesson again on Friday.

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