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Saxon Phonics Intervention

771907: Saxon Phonics Intervention, Home Study Kit
Saxon Phonics Intervention is working out nicely. I enjoy teching it. There are some kinks that we have to get through. Last year we used Spell to Write and Read. Saxon Phonics Intervention is different, so we are getting use to that. For instance when I hold up a card that has 'ch' the child is to say, "Digraph c-h." same with ck, sh and so forth. That's taking some getting use to. But it's fun. I love how scripted it is. I don't have to figure out in my own words how to say something. We may tweak it a little but then again, I'm not sure. It's just getting use to the way Saxon Phonics Intervention and Spell to Write and Read are different. I guess the biggest difference is Saxon Phonics Intervention has the child say the digraphs and the sounds only. Where SWR/PR has the child say the sounds and the rule at the same time (same with Phonics Road).  Saxon Phonics Intervention the child is learning the rules in the lesson and continues to review. Saxon uses sight words and those are not to hard to work around. Since the children have learned all 70 phonograms I introduce them phonetically. For instance with the sight word 'are' we code it by underlining the phonogram 'ar' and cross out the silent final 'e'. 

Saxon Phonics Intervention has a reading comprehension section included with the lessons. For now (since I'm not using SP for teaching reading) we are skipping them and I added Writing With Ease. Today, we did a dictation exercise. Since Joshua, has a hard time spelling but has some Spell to Write and Read experience I will give him hints if he needs is using the phonograms. It takes us a little longer but it's worth it. I know it will benefit Joshua. Our total time with Saxon Phonics and Writing With Ease takes about 50 minutes. Again, I'm having fun with this.

Here is what my 'chalkboard' looked like after our Saxon and Writing With Ease lesson. Well, I can't add images right now so I'll have to come back later.
 Joshua's 'desk'
 Annette's 'desk'
 Schooling outside. Love having my children home.

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