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S/O of Counting My Blessings Day 2 (Long)

As a spin-off from yesterdays {actually todays, I just wrote it so late it} "Count Your Blessings" Day 2 post.........today, is my more in detail post. I was too tired to write about it at 12:00 a.m. and today has been so busy.

My MIL took us to Hobby Lobby and next door is Mardel. Mardel is a huge Christian book store that sells homeschool curriculum. I didn't purchase any curriculum but it was sooooooooooooo fun looking! I did purchase some more of a certain unifix cubes that I couldn't find anywhere on the 'net'. My kids like building with these certain ones. They like to make 'transformers'.

Okay, now to my spin-of post.

Yesterday we had Brent's birthday party and of course my Sweets wanted to celebrate my birthday as well. On my actual birthday my hubby was in California attending one of his college buddies wedding. Back in the days when they all went to the Masters College
Here is a picture of my cake I baked.

 Here is a close-up. You never know when I may want to use this as a back-ground for a scrapbooking page! I take close-ups just in case {not that I'm scrapbooking right now}
The birthday boy!

 His monster cake.
 And army tank cake.
Brent decorated both his cakes. I helped some with the army tank cake.

The gang.

 I don't know what I did to my camera but it was being really sensitive. Every move was coming out blurry. I'm not too happy that I didn't get a good picture of Brent, blowing out his candles.

After everyone was stuffed with cake {no ice cream; we forgot the ice cream} it was present time! Brent, was so excited. It's rare that he has cousins, aunt & uncle and his Grandma Estela at his birthday party!
My son is a real gentleman! He insisted that his mama, open her gifts first. I thought that was really sweet of him.
I didn't realize I had gifts! Please excuse all the pictures of myself. I normally don't post many of them, but since it was my birthday and this blog is my virtual photo book for my family I thought it would be okay to add them =)
Ethan, decorated an envelope and drew some nice pictures. Annette's pretty wrapping.
Close-up of the envelope.

Close-up of one of the pictures. A Batman. I think it's a picture of him dressed as Batman.

 Annette, made me a very pretty card. Her Grandma Estela took her to Hobby Lobby, the day before and Annette, purchased some nice paper.
A better shot of the card {without my hand}

The front of the card. A McDonald's gift card was included {so I can buy some Mocha's}

 My Sweets, got me what I have been wanting (no, not the Wii fit) the other thing I have been wanting. Cozy Pj's.
 Caleb's gift to me.
A few weeks ago, Caleb, asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I said, a pair of Mud Gloves. I have been wanting a pair for almost a year now, but didn't want to pay the $8.95. I was happy to find a pink pair of Mud Gloves in the bag.
They look a little creepy. Now I can pull weeds and not worry about the bugs! Yay!!!
 My sis and brother-in-law spoiled me with Starbucks goodies. I'm drinking a cup of java as I type.
My MIL gave me my favorite hot chocolate drink mix from Coffee Bean {all the way from CA}

We are picture, memory making people, so of course I have one last photo of my gifts. hee, hee.

Now on with Brent's gift.
{My Sweets, needs to pay the bills, so I'll be back to finish writing about the pictures below}
I'm back for a moment. Hubby, is still looking for all the bills.
Below, Brent, opening his gifts.
His Auntie and Unlce gave him a camping spork/knife thingy. Not sure what you call them, but it has a can opener, knife, spoon and fork.
The hat he is wearing if from his Uncle Chris, who's in the service (Thank you Uncle Chris)
His, Auntie noticed that he likes to draw and write. He sits at his desk with his lamp.
She got him some color pencils.

And a notebook, so he can write about his days.

Grandma Estela and Brent.
Lupe and I got him some little toys that are similar to Play Mobiles {shhh, but a little less expensive}
My mom-in-law and me.
Us looking at the pretty box that all the Starbucks goodies were in.
My MIL was  very impressed with the gift wrapping. I have a hard time spending money on wrapping paper. Through the years my children have become very creative with wrapping gifts. We use newspaper, plain paper and decorate it, decorated paper bags and sometimes a piece of cloth.
As long as we have markers, stickers, crayons and tape!

Of course my son being all boy, putting those little gluey things on his face, as if they are snots! Gross!!!


  1. Linda, lovely day, lovely pics of the family, lovely presents, oh so yummy cakes! I love the pics of you! I love birthdays!!! :)

  2. Hi, I'm stopping in from Tamara's blog. What fun pictures and so many blessings! Thanks for sharing!!

    Blessings to you,

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENT!!! Glad you had your cousins, aunt, grandma, and family there. I know how special that is to celebrate your birthday with them. Hugs to you from me and a big nose smack...er...I mean, a BIG HUG from me, haha! I know you are to old for nose kisses now. Love, Auntie Reff

    Linda, I am glad you were spoiled and got such wonderful gifts. You are worth it! Happy Birthday! Love, Reff


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