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Annette, is happy to know that Megawords 3 is on its way. I had her test through the second book but it was pretty easy. She missed a few words and we orally went over the list, but in the end it was too easy for her.

I'm using Saxon Phonics Intervention as her main spelling program but she wants to add Megawords. She wants something more challenging. Translation, she would to study bigger words.

With Saxon Phonics she is learning how to undo words, but the words are butter, turtles or gnat. Saxon Phonics is a remedial phonics program, so it's also teaching the child to learn phonics for reading as well as spelling. I believe this is why the words are not as difficult as Annette, would like them to be. It they were Joshua, would not be able to use Saxon Phonics Intervention.
Currently Joshua, would not be able to use Megawords 1 because his spelling is at a 2nd or 3rd grade level. Hopefully after a year with Saxon Phonics Intervention he can start the Megawords workbooks.

I thought about dropping Saxon Phonics Intervention for Annette, and have her only do Megawords but decided against it. Annette, took off with reading when she was 6yrs. old and was doing so well that I stopped her phonics instruction. She never finished the second year. With Saxon Phonics I know that if she did miss something it will be covered now. I want Annette, to be able to take apart bigger words so when she comes across them in her reading she can figure it out, same with spelling. If she can take the words apart syllable by syllable she can hopefully write the word correctly.

Annette, is a great reader and speller but she can benefit from both Saxon Phonics Intervention and Megawords. And like I said, Megawords that's her idea.

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  1. Linda, that's the same thing that happened with Adam. He learned how to read early and I also dropped all phonics. I ended up having to go through Tatras (similar to SWR) with him in the 6th grade. We also then proceeded to go through all the Megawords books and they helped immensely. You won't go wrong with Megawords.

    Years ago in one of my internet searches, I found out that some schools in California start Megawords in the 3rd grade, right along with their regular spelling programs because students score so much better on the tests. That said a lot to me about Megawords. :)


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