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Today, at nine this morning Josh and I had an orthodontist appointment, so it sort of threw us off for the day. I did manage to:
  1. Complete a Saxon Phonics Intervention lesson with Annette & Josh
  2. do a Writing With Ease lesson with A & J
  3. Bob Jones Math session with C&B
  4. Saxon 3 Math lesson with Brent
  5. Saxon 1 math lesson with Lance
I really would have liked to:
  1. complete a Saxon Phonics lesson with Ethan
  2. McRuffy Math lesson with Ethan
  3. McRuffy Phonics with Lance
  4. Go over a Learning Language Arts Through Literature passage with Josh
  5. Phonics Road lesson with Brent and Caleb (B&C)
I'm still disappointed that I can't post any pictures, otherwise I'd show you how my dinner table looks right now. Piles of teacher manuals. I did most of the lessons outside, and that was fun. The weather is so nice.
Edited, to add dinner table picture. I couldn't add any photos before beacuse of all the cookies on my computer. Some how it affected the uploading of images. I don't undersand all that lingo. I'm just happy to be able to post pictures again.

Tonight is AWANA, so I need to take a ten minute nap then clear the table for supper and go over some verses (did I say I'm so tired?)

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  1. I hope that you were able to get some rest :)


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