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Week 4

Week 4. September 27th - October 1, 2010

Bible is a mix of My Father's World James study, AWANA and Alert Cadet.

Joshua 7th Grade
Here is Joshua's narration using Writing With Ease from yesterday. His is more of what Susan Wise Bauer meant for the student to do. Unlike Annette's extra long summary. Her's was good, just long =)

Math-completed lessons 41-45.
Learning Language Arts Through Literature-He had to write a brief summary covering the main points about Nathaniel Bowditche's life. Josh, has read this book twice and I'm sure it won't be his last.
On the cover you see a young man full of adventure, so when the only picture we could find of Mr. Bowditch was an older picture, Josh, was a little disappointed. Just remembering Joshua's, reaction makes me laugh.

Saxon Grammar- Monday, Josh, had a test. Yay, he passed! He also completed lessons 11 and 12. He learned about future tense, capitalization, sentence, pronoun I, and poetry.
How to Write Essays and Research Reports- Josh, is working on his second Essay about Three Special Birds. Day 1 he had to write topic sentence about why he liked birds and 3-4 sentences; describing a bluebird, woodpecker and another bird of their choice.  He completed Day 2 and Day 3.
Bob Jones American Republic-He is working through chapter 3.
Sonlight Science 5- he is learning about all that fun stuff that's inside the body. How our liver works, digestion, what goes on in your large and small intestine and how it comes out. Hee, hee. Annette, gave me the whole story from beginning to end. Very interesting!
Bible-we continue to work through our James workbook, AWANA and Alert Cadet.
Saxon Phonics Intervention (spelling)-completed three lessons. I wanted to complete four but we went to the park today.

Annette 5th Grade

Intermediate Language Lessons-Lesson 9 a picture study of The Flower Girl

She also answered some questions and wrote a composition, which she has to rewrite because she was in a hurry and did a sloppy job (I'm not talking sloppy as in penmanship but her writing.)
Saxon Grammar- completed lessons 11-13. She studied concrete, abtract and collective nouns, helping verbs, singular, plural, compound and possessive nouns.
Sonlight Science 5- {same as Josh}
Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5-She practiced her 'study skills' and continues to learn about maps by going on a 'road' trip. She is nearing the end of Chapter 1.
Learning Language Arts Through Literature {Purple}-Her selection this week was from Mr. Popper's Penguins. She still needs to complete her dictation.
Writing With Ease 3- I added this in yesterday. I thought our writing from LLATL and ILL could use a little help or direction. I'll write soon in another post why I added this in. Yesterday she completed her first summary.
Horizon Math 4-completed lessons 21-25. She is working on writing numbers in expanded form, adding and subtracting larger numbers, rounding and estimating.
Saxon Phonics Intervention {spelling}- same as Josh.

Caleb 4th and Brent 3rd

The Phonics Road to Reading and Spelling- I dictated sentences to them this week. I worked with their spelling, while reminding them of the rules. We went over the phonograms and read from Little House in the Big Woods.
Bob Jones Math 4-They started Chapter 2 this week. They both did well on their test last week. Completed lessons 14-17.

Ethan 2nd Grade

Saxon Phonics 1-completed lessons 29-32. You can read more about his Saxon Phonics Adventure by scrolling down.
Learning Language Arts Through Literature {Blue}-Our book for the week was Goodnight Moon

Ethan, told me it's one of his favorite books. He likes searching for the mouse. He told me the story in his own words and answered the discussion questions. He worked on his penmanship.

He even colored the picture just for me and with my favorite colors. Pink and blue!
McRuffy Math- completed lessons 28-30.

Lance School-Kindergarten

Here is what Lance did today. We kept it light.
Practicing his coloring in the lines.
 Still working with his grip. He is also talking and chatting with the picture as he writes. You can tell by looking at his lips!
 Cutting and pasting. He pasted the ball on the seal's nose and the candles on the cake.
To read more about Lance School, please scroll down. I have lots of pictures!


  1. Laughing about the Mr. Bowditch picture! I think my ds would have been disappointed too! Looks like you had a great week and got a lot done!

  2. Carry On, Mr. Bowditch is one of our favorites - I think its had at least four readings so far!

  3. I read about your week and thought "Wow! She has a lot to homeschool!" I have 6 children too...but one being a baby makes a big difference!
    Lee (5wolfcubs)
    PS I like Goodnight Moon a lot myself. :)


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