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Week 6

Week 6. October 11th-15th 2010

Instead of writing about our week I thought I'd write a little about what we are adding or changing.
If you would like to read about our week, please scroll down. I blog almost daily about our homeschooling days.

  I don't know why, but Josh still continues to miss many basic math problems. He is currently using Bob Jones Math 4. Maybe there is a gap somewhere that I'm not aware of. I was a bit of a hopper before. He has used Rod & Staff math grades 1-2. Math-U-See from Alpha to Gamma. He did Beta and Gamma twice! Then when we were getting no where with MUS we switched to Math Mammoth for a year, still not getting it. Missing tons of problems, I tried Saxon now Bob Jones. Yikes! I'm wondering if we can just start back at the beginning (3rd grade math) with all the basic operations. Thinking along these lines, I am now having Joshua work an hour a day using Spectrum Math books. I purchased 3rd-6th grade. 

Our goal is to eventually return to Saxon Math.
I'm hoping that we can find any gaps and/or find any concepts that are troubling him. I am going to add in 'group' math sessions where I'll have the four oldest and go over adding, subtracting, multiplying and place value using Bob Jones manupulatives. I'll have us all involved so they will not only know how to add but see it as well.

Another thing I have added to our school is Writing With Ease 3. I added this with our Saxon Phonics Intervention session. Annette and Josh, seem to enjoy it. I thought we needed some guidance with our narration and dictation.

With Caleb and Brent I add in the Victory Drill Book. I have Brent and Caleb read the words to me daily. Once they can read the words fluently, they can proceed to the next page. I'm having them both start at the beginning.
I am also adding in Let's Read. After they finish reading a page from the Victory Drill Book, thent they are to read a story from Let's Read.

Both Caleb and Brent, can decode words at a 4th grade level but they don't read fluently yet. This is why I'm adding these in. They don't read enough on their own, thus not getting enough reading practice.

I've also added in Saxon Math 1 for Lance. I'm still using McRuffy Math K but am now combining math. Eeeks! I am happy to report that since I've added in Saxon Math 1, Lance, can now count to 10, well almost. Before he couldn't count to five. Hee,hee.

 Ethan, I've added in Saxon Math 2. I know......I'm killing myself. I don't know what it is but when I'm using Saxon Math, I make sure to do it. With McRuffy, I'm not getting math done. I don't know if it's the way Saxon is set up or what!?! Anyway, I'm still using McRuffy Math. I love all the logic stuff that McRuffy provides. Thankfully we school most of the summer!
 Bob Jones Math 4 was a bit much for Brent. I kept losing him. I guess skipping a whole grade of math was not a good idea. Live and learn. I am having him use Saxon Math 3 now. It's a bit easy right now but I wanted him to start at the beginning to make sure he doesn't miss anything.
That's where we are at right now. It may seem like a lot but again, we school through most of the summer and I'm taking things one step at a time (one lesson at a time). If I need to, I can school Lance at night. Also, we don't do everything, every day.

I'm thankful that everything we are using this year is working. We haven't dropped anything yet.

Adding Saxon Math was less then $60.00 for all three grades. A friend at church gave me her Saxon 1 Teacher Manual, Saxon 2 I'm borrowing from our church library and Saxon 3 I purchased used for a great price!
Victory Drill and Let's Go Read were gifted to me (thanks Dee)
I did purchase Writing With Ease new.
I was able to get Spectrum Math grades 1-4 for $29.00.


  1. I hope your changes go well for you, Linda! It does sound like a lot, but anything does with several kids! I look at the list of what we're using and it's crazy, but... it's for 4 kids! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Linda, I can't say enough about Let's Read. I was shocked that not many people had even heard about it. If you keep at it with Let's Read, the fluency will come.

    I understand about the math. We have to find programs that appeal to us, the parents, as much as the children, because in many ways, it's for us as well, we need to be comfortable with the format.

    I think Moving With Math is not the easiest program in the world to follow, but it keeps me on my toes and constantly making sure what's really learned. I'm still not sure about what I'll use for next year, if the Lord tarries, but I'm trying to just think one day at a time right now, so I don't go into crazy mode again. ;)

    Have a blessed weekend!

    Dee :) :) :)

  3. I wish you luck with all your changes!

  4. Change can be a good thing! :) I haven't heard of Let's Read. I have my 8 & 10 yo boys reading from Christian Liberty's Nature Reader to me but I'm always interested in what else is out there. I guess I like change!

  5. The willingness to change and find the right niche is always richly blessed. Keep up the hard work, mama! It does seem like a lot, but you work through everything gracefully and you are shooting for strong foundations! It's nice not to be the oldest, you KNOW you'll be solid in foundational skills!


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