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Week of Sept 12th-16th 2005

This week a big moment was Lance took 3 steps towards Lupe! He was

wobbly but he did it. He still crawls and stands by himself. He is a
screamer like his brother Ethan.

Okay, back to our homeschooling week :)

Praise the Lord; we got everything done on our schedule/list, well
almost everything. I didn't fit in our art book, bummer!

Josh, is doing great with his reading. He is learning the rules of
spelling. This week we are adding in spelling. Before I was
concentrating more on him learning how to read, I think he is ready to
add in spelling now.

Math, he is doing great! He is learning how to add and subtract. I am
using a combination of two math programs. Ray's is his primary math
program and is easy for me to teach. We added in Miquon Math and he
really likes it, but it is hard for me to teach this one. I'll have to
scan a couple of pages of it, so you guys can see why I am having a
hard time explaining a 2nd grade math program to Josh :) The program
wants the kids to understand the concepts and not just memorize
problems. They are suppose to work them out. I'm not great in math so
it takes me awhile of studying the Teachers Manual before explaining

For History we have covered The Glory That Was Rome, The Early Days of
Britain and this week we studied Christianity comes to Britain. The
kids learned how Monks lived and how they made books. It was a long
process to write a book, because they had to make their pages, ink and
pens themselves. No going to Target and buying a pack of paper and
pens. If it weren't for the Monks and their books we wouldn't know
much of what was going on during that time. The kids also learned why
we call the Dark Ages the "The Dark Ages" it is because we don't know
much of what was going on at this time. People did not write things
Monks and Christians, were the ones who would set up schools so the
less fortunate could also learn to read and write. Normally this was
for the Rich only. The goal for the Christians was for them to be able
to read the Bible.
As you can all tell, I am having fun learning about History and the
History of Gods Kingdom (a study I am doing) It just ties everything
together. It is amazing how God has had his hand in everything! By me
studying The History of Gods Kingdom, it enables me to explain to the
kids how God ties into what they are learning about the Romans and so
forth. Okay, enough about History. I'm starting to babble and repeat
myself ;)

We also did Science this week. We learned how this earth did not just
happen by chance, but how God, in seven days made the earth and made
us. I won't go into our whole lesson since I wrote so much in our
History section. We'll save Science for another week ;)

Annette, is still reading 3 letter words. She learned that ck makes the
"k" sound. Only one sound. She has a hard time with the "i" words. Like
hit, sis etc. Her cute little mouth just does not want to say that
I started Annette on a new reading program called Rod and Staff (a
Mennonite company) and in her reader yesterday she read, God made
light. She is learning phrases, and parts of speech. I also have her
copy sentences, this helps her to learn when to capitalize, use commas,
periods and so forth.

Well, this is getting long and I know you guys have better things to do
then to just sit and read about the Homeschooling6 family. LOL.

We love and miss you all. Oh, April, Josh misses your cooking. We went
to a restaurant a couple of weeks ago (a tex mex restaurant) Josh order
tortilla soup, because it looked like something you have made before.
When he was done I asked, "Did it taste like April's cooking?" He makes
a funny face and say's "no" I felt bad because he loved to eat your
food. He would say "mom, why doesn't your food taste like April's?"



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