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Week 5. October 4th-8th 2010

This week was a weird week. We still managed to get much done, so it's counted as week 5.

Monday, I had more of a cleaning day. The night before we had celebrated Annette's and Caleb's birthday and I was so tired afterwards that I didn't get our lessons ready. We did manage to do the basics (some math and grammar) so we called it a day and cleaned up from our party. There was lots of dishes in the sink, crockpot had dried cheese (we had nachos), the living room still had wrapping paper and such.

Tuesday, we did manage to get a full school day in.
I had one on one sessions that included:
  1. Math
  2. WWE (dictation)
  3. Spelling (Saxon Phonics Intervention)
  4. Went over his Bowditch summary that he had to rewrite.
He also finished work on his own.

  1. Went over her Horizons Math
  2. WWE dictation
  3. Phonics Intervention (Spelling)
  4. Learning Language Arts Through Literature
And she too finished her other subjects on her own.

Caleb & Brent:
  1. Math Bob Jones with Caleb and Saxon Math with Brent
  2. Dictation (Phonics Road)
  3. Spelling (PR)
  4. Reading (PR)
Reviewed what he learned on Monday.

Wednesday, Josh and I had an orthodontist appointment but still managed to get most of school done. I won't bore you with all the details. Happy to get Saxon Math done with Lance.

Thursday, my dad stayed pretty late for his morning coffee, so it was a late start but again, managed to get most of it done. I was glad to get in math with Lance.

Friday, I decided to take the kiddos to the park. Joshua, Caleb and Brent have an Alert Cadet physical training thing, coming up and from what I hear the course is a hard one. Lots of track running, climbing etc. (think army stuff). The boys want to go to the park everyday to practice.
We did complete My Father's World Bible. Next week we start memorizing James. I'm so excited. Scared, but excited.

That was our week in a nut-shell as they say.

To see more of our week, please scroll down. I usually take lots of pictures of our homeschooling days.


  1. Despite not being in your normal routine you still got a lot done! Ahhh... ortho appts. We start those in January! Uggg!

  2. It sounds like you all had a wonderful week. I'm so envious that you get to have morning coffee with your dad. What a gift!


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