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What to Do???

I don't think I'm liking Horizons Math. It's okay, but the teacher manual doesn't give any solutions for the answers. It doesn't show me step-by-step instructions.

Joshua, informed me today that he doesn't like Saxon Phonics Intervention. He said it confuses him. His words, "My brain doesn't understand it." Josh, also mentioned that he preferred Spell to Write and read because  it was more straightforward. His words, "My brain didn't get confused." Oh me, oh my, what is a homeschooling mama to do. Yikes!

I'm not sure what to do about the two choices above. I am going to have to rethink a few things. Ideas are floating in my head, but for now, I will have Annette, continue with Horizons and Josh, with Phonics Pathway. I'll decide about Saxon Phonics Intervention over the next few weeks. Just when I thought we found something. I may have to go with a word list for Josh, maybe make one up with the mistakes he makes when he writes.

Today, he spelled the word make like this 'macks' when I inquired about it, he said, he was in a hurry and verbally spelled it to me correctly {make}. Hmmm, I told him he needs to think about the words he writes. He misses many easy words like 'whent' because he is not paying attention.

Homeschooling for 8yrs.

Eeeeks! I have been homeschooling for 8yrs. and still don't have this down. I feel like a new homeschooler every year. I can't seem to figure this homeschooling thing out.
As a homeschooling mama, I can get stressed sometimes. I know it's wrong but I do. Carrying the load of your child's education can be hard at times.
Like I mentioned on another post, I think I'm having a panic mode.
Maybe because after a week off, it's hard to get back into the swing of things. We had some light weeks when my mother-in-law and sister came, so I feel like we have had too much time off. Then with Thanksgiving and now CHRISTmas vacations. Add in a few other things that life throws at ya.

We did have a nice Thanksgiving and Lupe and I took a mini vacation and spent a night in a city called Grapevine. It was really nice to spend some time with my Sweets. We did some CHRISTmas shopping, ate at Cracker Barrel and just had a wonderful time.
Hopefully I can post more about it later.
Off to start school =)

Waldorf Math

Never thought I'd write a post about Waldorf Math, but here I am. I talked to Lupe, about using this method of math with the children and he said it was okay. I accidental purchased the wrong "Making Math Meaningful" book. I didn't realize there were two. Ones is not Waldorf and the other is Waldorf Math.
I thought they were the same and this one was the updated version but that wasn't the case. There are two different programs with the same name. Below is the one I purchased and is Waldorf.
A friend at church uses Making Math Meaningful, but I'm pretty sure she is using the one below.

Anyway, I really liked the whole to parts method of teaching math. Instead of saying 6+6=12, you ask "What is 12" the number 12 is more than 6+6. It can be 9and3, 8and4 etc. I never thought to present math that way before. I went searching and also found a book that breaks down the lessons for me, because you all know I need things laid out for me. 'A Journey through Waldorf Math' is the book I purchased. The first lessons begin with Roman Numerals. Here are some pictures of our Roman Numeral pages. They are not that great, because we can't draw very well.

A note with regarding Waldorf Math. I don't agree with everything Waldorf. I'm not interested in the spiritual aspect of Waldorf, but when I saw how math is presented it made sense too me. Maybe this will help my son who struggles with math so much. I know I have wrote before [a few years back] that I prefer only Christian curriculum and I'm embarrassed to admit that I strayed from that and I'm not sure how some will take this post but I want my son to 'get' math and be able to move on.
I believe one can pull from a method what you need and what will work for ones homeschooling. With Charlotte Mason one can pull narration and leave the rest, the same with Classical, Beechick and as I have learned Waldorf.

Day Before Thanksgiving

I'm not a real out doorsy kind of person, but I wanted to keep the kiddos busy and with me included. I decided to pull more weeds along the house. The children raked, swept and put all the leaves and weeds in our compost pile that we have in the backyard. Hopefully some day we'll use the compost.

The weather was beautiful. There was a nice breeze and at times it would blow all our leaves. It was so much fun, even when our pile of leaves were blown away.

Here, the children are enjoying their hard work. One little  boy in the pile of leaves is not mine. Can you tell which one???

At 4:00 pm, Lupe, took us to the movies. We have a dollar theatre about 30 minutes away. We watched a goofy cartoon {Despicable Me}.

It's not worth watching again, but going to the movies is always fun. We go maybe a few times a year. It was really nice of Lupe, to take us. I love how he thinks of the children. He was able to get off of work early, so this was a real treat!
We then had supper at Raising Cain's Chicken Fingers.

I didn't realize how hungry I was until we sat down to eat. Those chicken fingers went fast!
Brent, needed some new shoes, so we stopped at Kohl's. His shoes had holes in them. Poor guy! We also purchased a pair of church shoes for Lance.
Before going home, we stopped at what we call Disneyland {for Lupe, anyway}, Home Depot and Lowes. Lupe, needed to see what the had on sale!

 Joshua, making Pumpkin Pie.
 Lupe, made the brine for the turkey.
 My Sweets, getting the turkey ready.
Tomorrow we'll put the turkey in the fryer, make yams and a Green Bean Casserole. I already made the pies and stuffing. My sister-in-law is making the mash potatoes. We plan to eat at 3:00 p.m.

Lance Relaxing

Lance, thinks he can read and that's fine with us. He loves pretending that he is reading or he will draw pictures and tell me the story.
Brent, took the pictures of Lance, for me. My hands were dirty because I was pulling weeds.

Preparing for Thanksgiving

Right now, my house smells yummy! I made a few Sweet Potato pies and now have some stuffing in the oven. I'm trying to make all I  can tonight because tomorrow my Sweets, will be busy in the kitchen preparing the turkey and sweet potatoes. Our kitchen is pretty small.

Brent watched me make the stuffing and realized that he likes stuffing. Normally he doesn't eat it. He said this Thanksgiving I'm going to have lots of stuffing. I made a cornbread stuffing and actually followed a recipe, so we'll see how it comes out. Normally I do my own thing and everyone seems to like my stuffing.

Sweet Potatoes.
 Sweet Potato Pie.
 Cornbread Stuffing.

Phonics Pathways

I think I'm going through one of my 'panic' modes with Caleb and Brent's reading. I have them practice reading from the Victory Drill Book mostly on their own. Monday I added Phonics Pathways
I purchased this a few years back to use with Caleb, but he did not like it at all. He was bored to tears. Okay, well maybe not tears but he did ask me at one time if he had to do use it.

Currently we are using The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading but my boys are not where I would like them to be with reading. Part of the problem, at least with Caleb, is he's not interested in reading. I believe another problem is, I'm not as consistent with PR. We are using PR about three times a week because not every day do I get to it. If we don't get to it one day, then the next day I make sure to start school with Caleb and Brent, but even so, it's still getting done only three times per week.
When I do get our Phonics Road lesson in, it can be pretty long. I start with the spelling, dictation and grammar {we stopped the literature study for now}.  By the time we finish 40 minutes have passed and I feel like we haven't spent enough time with Phonics.

I decided to pick-up Phonics Pathways and dabble in it a bit this week. Monday, I had both boys read a page that consisted of the 'ck' words. We went over the rule, they read some words, then sentences. I dictated four sentences to them. I  had fun spending this time with them. Since I was not schooling all the kids I didn't feel rushed. I think that's what made it so enjoyable.
With Caleb, I helped him form some of the letters in cursive. He did so well.

This was from today's dictation.

This was yesterday's dictation.

Do I plan to stop using Phonics Road? Not anytime soon but I am going to supplement it for now. Phonics Pathways takes about 15 minutes a day, maybe 20 with the dictation and penmanship. All I have to do to prepare, is pull out the book.

Intermediate Language Lessons

Annette, is using Intermediate Language Lessons as part of her Language Arts this year. Today, she had to arrange sentences into paragraphs {lesson 21}. I was so proud of her penmanship. She really is improving. I'm even more happy about her attitude. It was a lot of writing and she didn't complain at all.
I told her the title could have been neater and she didn't indent! I mentioned that next time she didn't indent I would have her rewrite the whole passage. I know, I'm way too nice for not having her do it this time.

She also wrote a composition about Indians. Here is what she wrote. She had to begin the composition in this way.
"Long before the white people came to America, Indians roamed here and there over the broad country."

There are different kinds of Indian homes, depending on the tribe, such as wigwam, tepees, long-house, chickees and earth lodges. For weapons, they had axes, bow-and-arrows, and spears. For food, they hunted Buffalo, fish, dear and bear meat. They usually smoked or made stew out of the meat.

It's un edited, I am going to go over some corrections with her.

I'm thankful that my sister reformatted ILL so that it can be used as a workbook. I tried using it before but because it was non consumable it just didn't work for us. We still have the hardback book and I did purchase the Teacher Manual as well. The teacher manual gives examples and answers. At times I'll read an example summary to Annette, from the manual, so she'll know what I want from her. Hopefully having to give her examples will become fewer and fewer as we progress.

From the Heart

I have heard these words spoken to a child jumping up and down, whining and crying, "I'll buy you a candy." The parent is telling the child that if he/she will stop whining he'll be rewarded with a candy. I don't understand this. Why would you teach and train your child to do this?
All I see is a parent teaching their child to be and become  selfish and only think of his own needs. How sad is that?

I see things like this happen over and over. A parent gives a whining, crying child a cookie, to stop the child from whining and crying. There is a name for this, it's called "lazy parenting". Lazy Parenting happens when the parent doesn't take the time to minister, teach and train the child. The fast, quick easy way out is to hand the child a cookie {or what the child wants}.

Today, Lance, asked if he could have a candy. I told him not right now, maybe after dinner. Lance, turned away,  and went walking out the door, when I heard something fall. I checked to see what it was. On the floor was Lance's jar of candy. On the way out he dropped it because I didn't give him what he wanted, when he wanted it. I called Lance, back into the room and told him, that since he decided to have a mini-tantrum about not being able to have a piece of candy right now, that I was throwing away all the candy in his jar. He cried, as he saw the candy fall into the trash. I know this may sound harsh but he needs to learn that life is not all about 'me, me, me' and he must obey with a cheerful heart.

Day 60

Today, as I was typing my previous post, Ethan, came out of his room looking so cute!
 My Spanish Rice, came out really good! It was so pretty, that I took a picture. Hee, hee.
 After dinner, Lupe and I went to Albertson to purchase ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner. My it got a bit expensive.
Once home, Lupe helped my dad get his retirement papers in order. Below is a picture of my dad, starting a new chapter in his life!
Today, we did get some school in. Annette, is writing a composition about Indians. This assignment is from Intermediate Language Lessons. She completed a math lesson.
Joshua, did math and History. Caleb and Brent completed their first lesson from Phonics Pathways {more about that later} I dictated sentences to them and had them read the sentences back to me. I have to take a pictures of Caleb's sentences because he wrote so neat! At least the neatness I have seen him.
Ethan, and Lance, didn't do any formal schooling. I did things orally through the day with them. For instance I had Ethan, spell some words that were on his spelling test. With Lance, I had him go over the letter sounds.


It's time to get ready for Thanksgiving! How exciting. Tonight Lupe, the kids and I will go to the grocery store and get everything we need for our Thanksgiving meal.

Today, I started off our morning with a family meeting {the kiddos and me, Lupe is at work}.
The agenda:
  • Rooms must be clean before the children are allowed to play outside, play a computer game or have a dessert
I have been getting lazy in the 'keeping the rooms clean' department.
  • First time obedience reminder.
Another area that I have let slip. Not so much when I ask them to do something but if they ask me. For instance, the other night my Sweets brought me home a Mocha. Joshua asked if he may have a sip. I said, "No." He said, "Just a little sip?"
This may sound petty but in my opinion it's not obedience. I have been letting things like this go on for too long.
  • I went over some of the chores {dishes, trash, bathroom etc.}
Again, I have let my children get away with not completing their chores properly. For instance, it's Brent's job to keep the bathroom clean but the sink needs a good scrubbing and the floor hasn't been swept, yet I still let him have many privileges; play outside, computer, sweets etc.
Today, I let the children know that their chores need to be completed before any privileges are allowed.

I reminded them a few times that things like computer, desserts, playmobils and so forth are privileges, not a right.At the end of the meeting Caleb asked, "Do we have any rights?" Everyone busted up laughing.

Saxon Phonics 1

Saxon Phonics 1 Lesson 46

Looks like Ethan, will start slowing down with Saxon Phonics 1. The lessons are becoming longer. Today, we spent 40 minutes on lesson 46 and still didn't complete it. I'll pick-up Monday where we left of today.
I believe what's making it take longer is the review of all the decks. We review letter cards, picture cards, sight word cards, affix cards (suffix), and then I dictate all the letters to him. Some letters have more than one way to write it too. For instance with the /k/ sound he writes 'k,c' with the long sound of 'u' he writes {u-e, u}. What I may start doing after Thanksgiving is only have him review what he has trouble with and save reviewing everything until Friday. This would save about 15 minutes.
The sentences are getting longer as well. They are short paragraphs now.

Today, we didn't get to his spelling list. I'm going to have him take it tomorrow, so the week after Thanksgiving we can start fresh with lesson 47. Some of the spelling words are deep, camping, thick, singing, sticks, are and put. The ones he has trouble with are the sight words.

Now that the long sound of the vowels have been introduced, Ethan, gets them mixed up sometimes. He is making great progress though. He can still spell 'insect' and he's so proud of it too!
It's fun watching him learn.

Week 11

Week 11. November 15th-19th 2010.

This week as been a good busy week. I feel like we accomplished much. Maybe not everything but a good amount.

Every morning we start our day with My Father's World, James Bible Study. We have memorized James 1:1-8 so far. Once done with our James Study, I have the boys go over their Alert Cadet stuff. Before everyone splits up, I read what is scheduled from MFW:
  • In God We Trust
  • The Story of the World
  • Building a City on a Wall
  • Exploring American History
We are only on Week 3 and so far have not done any summaries, timeline and such. I hope to at least add in the timeline next week.

Because I blog all week, I don't even know what to add to my Week in Review. I think I'll give some updates.

Joshua, is still using the Spectrum Math books. If you don't remember, a little while back, I stopped having Joshua, play catch-up with other math curriculum's and have decided to just start at the beginning {click here to read that post}. I  purchased grades 3-6 of the Spectrum Math book series. He has been doing well with the 3rd grade book. I am able to see what areas he is having trouble with. Surprisingly enough it's 3 or 4 digit numbers and fractions. He's able to do multiplication and division without missing much (although right now it's only single digits).

Annette's little of this-and-that for Writing is working beautifully. Her Writing program consist of:
  • Learning Language Arts Through Literature {LLATL}
  • Intermediate Language Lessons {ILL}
I just sort of pick and choose. Both LLATL and ILL have Annette, writing some nice compositions. She has learned a lot about birds from some assignments in ILL. She looks so cute hopping on the computer and going to her favorite bird website: All About Birds.
This week LLATL she is making a timeline of Captain Cooks life.

This week with Lance, he is learning the 'P' sound. I put together a little "P" book to help him remember the sound.

 He made a p-p-panda bear.
 He is wearing a p-p-police hat.

I'm sorry, this Week in Review is not much, but my writing just isn't flowing today. I have lots to say but it's just not flowing. I think because I got a late start and right now the children will be waking from their nap/quiet time. When my kiddos are out I can't really concentrate. Most of my blogging happens when the children are sleeping.

Anyway, that's a bit of what we did this week. If you are interested in more scroll down. I try to blog daily with pictures!
Have a good week,

Learning Language Arts Through Literature

Annette, is almost done with lesson 5. Each lesson is suppose to take a week to complete but since I have Annette, using Intermediate Language Lessons and Saxon Grammar too, it takes her a bit longer to finish a week. Usually a week and a half. The older version of LLATL had that it was for 5th-6th grade, so were okay with it taking longer to complete.
In lesson five her dictation passage for study was from Mr. Popper's Penguins. Day 1, I'm suppose to read the literature passage as she writes it. Usually I have her copy it instead. Then she is to list six words that she needs to study. Normally she can spell the words and we skip this portion but this time she needed to study the word refrigerator. I had her skip the 'wor' words that were to be copied {worse, worth, worry etc.} because she knows them already.
Day, two she worked with simple subject/predicate. She also had to make a timeline about Captain Cook's life. Thankfully we have a book about him. She had to answer some questions about the literature passage as well.
Day 3, she worked with describing words concerning the passage. She had to find adjectives in sentences and place commas correctly, then write a sentence describing the house using two or more adjectives and use commas.
Day 4 {which Annette, will do tomorrow because she 'forgot' today} she will write a letter. It's suppose to be a get well card, but she doesn't know anyone who is sick at the moment. She is also to review the seven rules of capitalization.
Day 5 {which she did an hour ago} I dictated the passage to her. She matched sentences with pictures and did the Review Activities. The Review Activities cover grammar usage. With this one she is reviewing the complete subject/predicate, underlining the simple sub./pred., underline adjectives and commas, correct a letter and answering if possessive pronouns (his, her, its, their, your) are adjectives? Why?

That is a peek into a week with Learning Language Arts Through Literature {Purple}.

I would like to sit more with Annette, as she uses Learning Language Arts Through Literature because we have fun with it. Most the times she does it on her own and I correct it later. I'm going to try to sit with her more often.

Day 58

Day 58 completed!!! It's hard to believe that we are half way through our 100th day. Pretty exciting for us at Homeschooling6!

Today, I started the morning off with teaching a lesson from The Phonics Road with Caleb and Brent. Since I didn't get this lesson in yesterday, I thought today I should begin with then, otherwise Phonics Road might be skipped again! Yikes, don't want that to happen too many times.
We are on Week 6. I dictated some spelling words to them, then we went over common and proper nouns.

Caleb, is doing well with his penmanship, but he still needs to transfer that over to his other school work. Below, is a verse he copied. I had him cross out the words 'much as' because he accidentally wrote it twice.

With Josh and Annette, they completed Saxon Phonics Intervention lesson 29. This lesson was about the suffix '-ed' After, they also completed a Writing With Ease dictation.
Annette's dictation.

Joshua's dictation. He writes much smaller, so it's hard to see his.

With Josh, because he had a difficult time with spelling; I will write some of the harder words like 'enormous' on the board.

Ethan, completed Saxon Phonics lesson 45. This was an assessment lesson. He did well. His spelling test had 12 words and he missed one. It was a sight word 'was'. One of his spelling words was 'insect', he had to pause and think, but he did spell it correctly.

He was able to code all but one word, which I know he can. It was 'weep'. He put a breve over the first 'e' instead of a macron. With identifying the letters 'w' and 'u', he could say the sound but couldn't remember the names. All-in-all he did very well.
Last night he completed a McRuffy math lesson.
He enjoys working with pattern blocks.

Last night I  also did a math lesson with Caleb, this way he can work on it today. Tonight, I'll go over his math lesson, so he can work on it tomorrow. He is learning about improper, mixed, and unlike fractions. 

Annette, writing her dictation.
 This is the view that I see. Here I am dictating a few sentences from Writing With Ease. My area has my file box with each child's weekly file folder. I have my pens, markers and books all in that area.
 Today for math, Lance and I played a race car game from McRuffy Math. He really enjoyed it. When he landed on a flag or car, he would get so excited because he could either take another turn or go around and collect a counter (we used counting bears to keep track of our points.) Lance, was the winner.
 We went over his AWANA verse.

Here is a picture of the boys with dad. They love trying to 'beat' him up!
In this picture it looks as if Lupe {my Sweets} is posing but he really is holding Joshua's hand down.

 And Brent, he is happy that big brother Josh, is defeated because between Josh and Brent, Josh usually wins the match. See how happy Brent looks.

Day 56 or 57

Okay, I got our days mixed up. Brent says it's day 57 and I thought it was day 56. Somewhere along the line we added or skipped a day. Tomorrow we will record it as Day 58. I could get all technical and count but I'll go with what Brent said. He's the one changing the numbers.

Ethan, completed Saxon Phonics lesson 44 today. He did very well. He surprised me because the lessons are becoming more difficult and at times I feel like I'm losing him. You know the glazed look?

Well, today, he had to spell words with the the final /k/ sound using 'ck', 'ke' or 'k'. He missed two out of ten, which I thought was very good!
The check marks are the words that he got correct and the x's are incorrect. He likes to mark the ones he got right as well. Makes sense. Why only mark what is wrong? The column on the right {11-20} we didn't finish. By the time we got to number 14, Ethan was getting tired. The lesson was nearing 40 minutes, so we stopped.
 Below, is Ethan's penmanship practice. The word motorcycle {the one on the bottom} I wrote. I was showing him how to correctly form the letters.

Lance, completed a McRuffy Phonics lesson. He is learning how to blend. I had him blend cat, tab and cab, but he didn't get it. He can sound out all the sounds but is having a hard time blending them and hearing a word. We'll continue practicing.

I was going to have a tutoring session with Josh and Annette {Saxon Phonics Intervention and Writing With Ease} but I wasn't feeling well. I feel better now though.
This morning Josh and I had an Orthodontics appointment. They tightened my wires, so our day was a bit thrown off with school. Joshua, thought he could have light school but I forgot about our appointment and didn't schedule a lighter load in his lesson planner, so I told him, 'No'.
Annette, is finishing up her school. I didn't get to Phonics Road, Bob Jones Math, Saxon Math for grades 1 & 2.
I was able to do a math lesson with Brent.
Today, is AWANA. Once the children wake up from their naps they will study their AWANA verse. I haven't been a good AWANA mama, this year. Lance, has only said one verse. Ethan, maybe two. I don't know what's wrong but I haven't been motivated. It seems when I remember to go over their verses, there is something to do, then I forget. Before you know it, it's Wednesday.
They do sit in on the Study of James, but they aren't memorizing it along with us. Maybe I should have them do plan B. Oh, they are memorizing "In Adam's fall we sinned all"
I never did purchase Bob Jones Bible, so I though we should at least start going through The New England Primer

My Father's World Exp1850

With My Father's World Exploration to 1850 we are on week 3. I know, pretty bad considering this is our 11th week of school.
I am not having us use all of MFW. We are only using it for Bible and History reading. The children are not notebooking. I would like us to start the timeline soon.

I absolutely love My Father's World, but as you all know, I have this dislike, like relationship with it. I have purchased six levels through the years and have only completed two of them. Exp1850 being the 6th level and hopefully I can add it to the  'we completed' list.

This week I have read from The Story of the World, Building a City on a Wall, Exploring American History and In God We Trust, as well as James, from the Bible.

I'm considering dropping Story of the World though. My children have the cd and have listened to it over the past two years. By 'over' I mean that they listen to one of the Story of the World volumes at least once a week.When I read from the book, they already know what the chapter is about. I'm still not sure. I won't substitute it, if I do drop.

On the other hand, maybe with me reading it they can see everything tie together.

Anyway, that's where we are at the moment with MFW. 

Day 55

Today, was so different from yesterday. My day was so off and weird. I know this sounds horrible, but I couldn't wait for the day to end. I was just in a weird funky mood.

Thankfully, today, has been much better. I feel like me again. We started off as usual {Prayer, Alert Cadet practice, James, Study, Read aloud} This week I'm adding in My Father's World history reading. We aren't doing all the notebooking pages and such but I am going to try to add in the history portion. Looking at the teacher manual and schedule makes me want to add in the timeline and notebooking, but I know for now it would be a bit too much. Maybe next week I can try to attempt it. I do like the big timeline that is included. Anyway, we'll see what happens.

Something exciting happened this morning, Lance, got a 100% on his Phonics assessment! This is his 2nd assessment {lesson 10}. His first he got 0% {lesson 5}.

I would say a blend or sound and Lance,was to circle the correct one and he actually did! This is a very exciting moment for both of us. When he did his first assessment he wasn't able to figure out the blends or even the sounds.
Happy Lance!
Lance, also completed a Saxon Math lesson too!

Ethan, working with pattern block; completing a Saxon Math lesson.
 He made a girl.
Ethan, hasn't completed a phonics lesson, but I did have him practice coding some sneaky 'e' words {bike, kite etc.}
Here is a sentence that we read together. Ethan, was able to read most of it on his own. He did had trouble with the 'th' sound. The word striped was hard too.

 Today, after Saxon Phonics Intervention Annette and Josh, completed a narration from Writing With Ease.
I'm suppose to write their narrations as they speak, but since Annette and Josh are older I'm having them write it instead.
 Joshua's. I haven't corrected his misspelled words. I'm suppose to immediately but to tell the truth, I was too tired. We did this assignment after 2:00 and by this time I'm zapped! I'll have him finish it later today.
 Caleb's penmanship. Still room for improvement but he's getting better.
Caleb and Brent, completed a Phonics Road lesson. Yay! I dictated four sentences, then went over subject/predicate and simple subject/predicate. I would show a picture of their work but it's pretty sloppy and I'm embarrassed. Before we start I remind them to write neatly but it's just not picture taking material. Maybe I'll get brave and snap a photo this week.
Caleb, did a Bob Jones math lesson.
The only school I have left is Brent's math! I'm happy to report that I almost completed a all subjects.