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Day 50

I'm blogging again. Yay! I've missed my blogging time so much. The past two weeks have been busy. My mother-in-law was visiting for a week. Then last week my sister and her family visited for a week.

Today, was our official start up week. We did do some school the last two weeks, so they still counted (thank goodness) but today we are back to a full load. I have made some changes to our schedule or day. I hope to blog about some of it later, but one of the major changes is to get everyone up at 7:00 a.m. and be ready for school by 8:00 a.m. To accomplish that I put Miracle Music on {We haven't used this in months}.
Another BIG change is for me NOT to use the computer until nap/quiet time. It was hard but I did it. I'm so proud of myself.

By waking up on time and not getting on the computer made for a very exhausting day. Here is what I was able to accomplish {in order};
  1. Meeting and Bible
  2. Phonics with Lance (McRuffy)
  3. McRuffy Math with Lance
  4. Bob Jones Math with Caleb
  5. Saxon Phonics with Ethan (long)
  6. Saxon Math with Brent
  7. Lunch and a nap for me {we take about an hour for lunch}
  8. Load the dishwasher
  9. Saxon Phonics Intervention with Josh and Annette
  10. Writing With Ease with Josh and Annette
Whew! I still need to complete Phonics Road with Brent and Caleb. Math with Ethan. Yikes!

My dad stopped by at 9:00 a.m. saw that we were doing school, so he said he'll leave. Knowing what the children mean to my dad, I offered him a cup of coffee and he took it outside with the younger children and played with them. He even swung on the swing. The swing is a rope hanging and my dad is 6 feet tall. I wish I had seen that! Hee, hee. He then came by at noon for lunch and I  made him a hotdog. Another goal of mine is to stop being so selfish and reach out to my father. At the same time though, I do need to get the kids schooling in, so hopefully tomorrow he can take his coffee to go again {sounds mean but I do need to set some limits} and he can come back for lunch.
The only thing that makes this hard is my father works the graveyard shift, so he does need to sleep during the day. I need to continue to pray about this situation. I love that my children are so blessed to spend time with their grandfather almost daily. I just need to figure out away for him to visit and me get school done. Maybe I should invite him to dinner more often.

Okay, on to, today's pictures.

I decided to start with Lance, since my poor guy has been shuffled to the end of the day and many times, not getting his school in {although we have been doing crafts with letters the past three weeks}
 He can't blend yet, but we practiced anyway. When I would say, "Ball, what is the beginning sound?" Lance had trouble with that so I switched and said, "Ball" then asked, "Does that start with, /c/, /b/ or /a/?" I did this with all the pictures below. With me repeating the 'a,b&c' sounds he was able to figure out what the beginning sound was.
We worked with rhyming but that went over his head. We'll try another day :)

While teaching Lance, I snapped a picture of Annette. She is completing a Horizon Math lesson.

 Below Lance, measured lines using Teddy Bear Counters. He was suppose to use the squares but we went with the bears.
 Brent, completing a Saxon Math lesson. We worked with money.
Josh and Annette, completed all their subjects. Brent and Caleb, practiced reading with the Victory Drill. I think I'll have them read the Victory Drill two days on their own and three days with me.

Well, that was day 50! We are half way to our 100th day.

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  1. I've missed your blogging too and am happy to see your posts again! You have been missed but I am glad you were able to spend some time with your family. :)


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