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Day 51

I stayed off the computer again. Well, almost. My children were busy getting their school books I snuck on to check my emails real quick. It was pretty quick because most of my emails are from subscribed sites.

Today, I started with Lance again. We didn't complete a whole lesson of McRuffy Phonics because he was having a hard time with our new sound 'T'. On his worksheet he was to circle the pictures that started with the /t/ sound, but it was too confusing/hard. One of the pictures was an apple. He insisted it had the /t/ sound. For the picture of the tree, um, well, I guess he didn't hear the /t/ sound. So, I put that aside and we worked on only the /t/ sound. He colored the tortoise and made a teddy bear.
He also completed a McRuffy math lesson. He worked with ordering numbers {6_7}

Ethan, completed two lessons of McRuffy Math. He worked with time.
Practiced counting by ten and counted dimes.
Learning Language Arts Through Literature, he read a reader and illustrated it. He doesn't care to illustrate, so today he only did two pages. He'll illustrate a few more tomorrow.
 This is another 'busy' work book that I bought for $3.00. There are mazes for Lance, number dot-to-dots for Lance as well. There are also letter dot-to-dots. Ethan, is using those pages to nail down the alphabet in order.
After doing all the pages below, he can now say the alphabet in order from A-Z!
 He had fun doing it too!
 Lance, completed the maze below.
 Ethan, had so much fun with the alphabet that he continued on the whiteboard.

Caleb, practicing is multiplication.
 His penmanship. He forgets to do this on a daily bases. I need to remember and check this daily.
Brent and Caleb did McRuffy Science today. Our first lesson!!!
Some Chick-fil-A {always forget how to spell it} book added in for Science.
Caleb, also completed a math lessons. Brent still needs to have a math session with me.
We did a lesson of Phonics Road today.
After the spelling words we worked on grammar. Today's lesson; subject & predicate.

Josh and Annette, completed a dictation exercises from Writing With Ease.
Joshua's is on top, the one with the little writing.
That was Day 51 .

I still need to check Josh and Annette's work. I didn't get Saxon Phonics 1 in with Ethan, or Saxon Math 3 with Brent. Hopefully after supper.

I did read a chapter from our read aloud Samuel Morris

The children practiced James 1:1-4. Josh, Caleb and Brent also worked from their Alert Cadet book. They are memorizing the motto and covenant.

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