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Day 52

I didn't get as much done with the children as I would have liked too. We did start our day off with Bible, prayer and some Alert Cadet work. I then read about Samuel Morris. All that took about an hour. With the verses I have each child recite and then the boys that are in Alert Cadet recite the covenant and we go over the Scripture Memory verse.
I had tutoring sessions with:
  1. Josh-Saxon Intervention and Writing With Ease.
  2. Annette-Saxon Intervention and Horizon Math lesson 44. Going over prime numbers.
  3. Caleb-Bob Jones Math. We did a repeat of yesterdays lesson because Caleb, was still in limbo about the lesson. He's are learning about fractions and probability. Pretty interesting. We also reviewed decimals. A Writing With Ease lesson.
  4. Brent-Saxon Math lesson
  5. Ethan-Saxon Phonics and Saxon Math
What I didn't get too:
  1. Lance-no lessons today. I have an excuse; he's sick, but the real reason is I didn't have time.
  2. Caleb and Brent-we didn't get to Phonics Road today.
With Lance, I'll go over the letter sound for /t/ but not do an actual lesson.

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  1. Wow! I don't know how you keep up with all of it, that's amazing!!


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