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Day 52

Here, is where I stand to teach lessons. Just insert me next to the chair. By quiet time my feet hurt.

This week, started off great but has been dwindling. Today's tutoring sessions completed:
  • Saxon Phonics Intervention with Josh and Annette.
  • Writing With Ease {week 3} with Josh & Annette.
  • Saxon Phonics 1 with Ethan.
  • Phonics Road {Spelling & Grammar}
  • Alert Cadet with all
  • James Study with all
  • Read Aloud {Samuel Morris} all
Still need to:
  • McRuffy Math with Lance
  • McRuffy Math with Ethan
  • Bob Jones Math with Caleb
  • Saxon Math with Brent
  • McRuffy Phonics with Lance
I don't think I'll finish the above. Eeeks!
We started about 8:30 with prayer, Alert Cadet, James Study and read aloud. I think that took over an hour.
I then did a lesson of Phonics Road with Caleb and Brent. I dictated 6 words and we found the subject/predicate of 5 sentences. I'm not sure how long that took.
Ethan's Saxon Phonics lesson was too long. I may have to start putting the timer for 30 minutes and just stop where we are. The lessons are becoming more difficult for him. Not sure if I should continue or review. Since Saxon Phonics is an incremental program I may continue and see what happens. His lesson was so long that I let him take a 10 minute break then come back to finish.
By the time I was done with Ethan, it was lunch. I take an hour for lunch. In that hour I loaded the dishwasher, ate, took a 15 minute power nap, ironed a funfusion for Ethan, then it was back to school!
Next up was Saxon Phonics Intervention with Josh and Annette. Once we completed SPI, I dictated a few sentences from Writing With Ease.
Lastly before quiet time I dictated words for Annette from her spelling program Megawords.
By that time it was quiet time. My energy level was low and I have to say, I was a bit grumpy as well.
I made myself a cup of coffee and here I am. Well, I did hang around Time4Learning for a while. We are not using it but I'm still paying for it. I should just cancel it but I like Time4Learning.

Here is a picture of Brent, listening to The Story of the World.

Edited to add at 10:05: I had a tutoring session with Brent {Saxon Math}, Caleb {Bob Jones Math} and Lance {McRuff Math}.
I would have included Ethan, but he fell asleep.


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  1. Linda, I think cutting the lesson down to half an hour is a great idea. I do that as well. Some of our Bible lessons are too long and I've been known to break a lesson down to even three days if we need it. I also prefer 30 chunks of time because after 30 minutes, you sort of lose them anyway as it becomes difficult to focus after that. I do this with math as well. ;)


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