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Day 54

My goodness, what a day! It's been weird. Not much done with my tutoring sessions, yet it's been busy.

Lupe, didn't go to work but is in Dallas working on the apartments. There is a water leak and thank the Lord, he was finally able to locate it. I woke at 8:00 instead of 7:00.

We had our Bible time {Alert Cadet, Study of James and read aloud}. I then had a meeting with Annette. I needed to go over some of her assignments from last week. Same with Josh. The meetings took a bit longer than I thought. Josh, was  practically hyperventilating. I tell ya, going over work with him his like trying to fill a cavity for a hippo. IMPOSSIBLE {unless sedated}.
Josh, says that I'm only concentrating on the wrong problems and that makes him feel bad. I told him that we are going over the ones he missed. I don't need to go over the ones correct. He than told me that he feels like I'm ignoring the ones that are correct. {insert a scream here} now I'm hyperventilating.
With that bit of information as I went over missed problems I would point to the correct ones and say,  "Good job!" and he would say, "Thank you."

After lunch, I had a phonics lesson with Ethan, that we still need to finish. My dad came by for a cup of coffee. I asked Josh, to make it for him. My dad, said he'll wait outside and play with the kids. This gave me some time to get a bit more of Ethan's phonics in but with all the happy noise outside, how could I keep my Ethan in. I finally told him to go play with Grandpa, that we can finish later. So, off he went. Grandpa was playing football with them. What a precious memory.
Grandpa ended up having his coffee while playing with the children. It was fun watching my dad play with them. I don't ever remember my father throwing a ball with us girls. This reminds me to take the time to do things with the children. Not just school but play a game or throw a ball.
Linda <><

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