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Day 55

Today, was so different from yesterday. My day was so off and weird. I know this sounds horrible, but I couldn't wait for the day to end. I was just in a weird funky mood.

Thankfully, today, has been much better. I feel like me again. We started off as usual {Prayer, Alert Cadet practice, James, Study, Read aloud} This week I'm adding in My Father's World history reading. We aren't doing all the notebooking pages and such but I am going to try to add in the history portion. Looking at the teacher manual and schedule makes me want to add in the timeline and notebooking, but I know for now it would be a bit too much. Maybe next week I can try to attempt it. I do like the big timeline that is included. Anyway, we'll see what happens.

Something exciting happened this morning, Lance, got a 100% on his Phonics assessment! This is his 2nd assessment {lesson 10}. His first he got 0% {lesson 5}.

I would say a blend or sound and Lance,was to circle the correct one and he actually did! This is a very exciting moment for both of us. When he did his first assessment he wasn't able to figure out the blends or even the sounds.
Happy Lance!
Lance, also completed a Saxon Math lesson too!

Ethan, working with pattern block; completing a Saxon Math lesson.
 He made a girl.
Ethan, hasn't completed a phonics lesson, but I did have him practice coding some sneaky 'e' words {bike, kite etc.}
Here is a sentence that we read together. Ethan, was able to read most of it on his own. He did had trouble with the 'th' sound. The word striped was hard too.

 Today, after Saxon Phonics Intervention Annette and Josh, completed a narration from Writing With Ease.
I'm suppose to write their narrations as they speak, but since Annette and Josh are older I'm having them write it instead.
 Joshua's. I haven't corrected his misspelled words. I'm suppose to immediately but to tell the truth, I was too tired. We did this assignment after 2:00 and by this time I'm zapped! I'll have him finish it later today.
 Caleb's penmanship. Still room for improvement but he's getting better.
Caleb and Brent, completed a Phonics Road lesson. Yay! I dictated four sentences, then went over subject/predicate and simple subject/predicate. I would show a picture of their work but it's pretty sloppy and I'm embarrassed. Before we start I remind them to write neatly but it's just not picture taking material. Maybe I'll get brave and snap a photo this week.
Caleb, did a Bob Jones math lesson.
The only school I have left is Brent's math! I'm happy to report that I almost completed a all subjects.

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