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Day 56 or 57

Okay, I got our days mixed up. Brent says it's day 57 and I thought it was day 56. Somewhere along the line we added or skipped a day. Tomorrow we will record it as Day 58. I could get all technical and count but I'll go with what Brent said. He's the one changing the numbers.

Ethan, completed Saxon Phonics lesson 44 today. He did very well. He surprised me because the lessons are becoming more difficult and at times I feel like I'm losing him. You know the glazed look?

Well, today, he had to spell words with the the final /k/ sound using 'ck', 'ke' or 'k'. He missed two out of ten, which I thought was very good!
The check marks are the words that he got correct and the x's are incorrect. He likes to mark the ones he got right as well. Makes sense. Why only mark what is wrong? The column on the right {11-20} we didn't finish. By the time we got to number 14, Ethan was getting tired. The lesson was nearing 40 minutes, so we stopped.
 Below, is Ethan's penmanship practice. The word motorcycle {the one on the bottom} I wrote. I was showing him how to correctly form the letters.

Lance, completed a McRuffy Phonics lesson. He is learning how to blend. I had him blend cat, tab and cab, but he didn't get it. He can sound out all the sounds but is having a hard time blending them and hearing a word. We'll continue practicing.

I was going to have a tutoring session with Josh and Annette {Saxon Phonics Intervention and Writing With Ease} but I wasn't feeling well. I feel better now though.
This morning Josh and I had an Orthodontics appointment. They tightened my wires, so our day was a bit thrown off with school. Joshua, thought he could have light school but I forgot about our appointment and didn't schedule a lighter load in his lesson planner, so I told him, 'No'.
Annette, is finishing up her school. I didn't get to Phonics Road, Bob Jones Math, Saxon Math for grades 1 & 2.
I was able to do a math lesson with Brent.
Today, is AWANA. Once the children wake up from their naps they will study their AWANA verse. I haven't been a good AWANA mama, this year. Lance, has only said one verse. Ethan, maybe two. I don't know what's wrong but I haven't been motivated. It seems when I remember to go over their verses, there is something to do, then I forget. Before you know it, it's Wednesday.
They do sit in on the Study of James, but they aren't memorizing it along with us. Maybe I should have them do plan B. Oh, they are memorizing "In Adam's fall we sinned all"
I never did purchase Bob Jones Bible, so I though we should at least start going through The New England Primer

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