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Day 58

Day 58 completed!!! It's hard to believe that we are half way through our 100th day. Pretty exciting for us at Homeschooling6!

Today, I started the morning off with teaching a lesson from The Phonics Road with Caleb and Brent. Since I didn't get this lesson in yesterday, I thought today I should begin with then, otherwise Phonics Road might be skipped again! Yikes, don't want that to happen too many times.
We are on Week 6. I dictated some spelling words to them, then we went over common and proper nouns.

Caleb, is doing well with his penmanship, but he still needs to transfer that over to his other school work. Below, is a verse he copied. I had him cross out the words 'much as' because he accidentally wrote it twice.

With Josh and Annette, they completed Saxon Phonics Intervention lesson 29. This lesson was about the suffix '-ed' After, they also completed a Writing With Ease dictation.
Annette's dictation.

Joshua's dictation. He writes much smaller, so it's hard to see his.

With Josh, because he had a difficult time with spelling; I will write some of the harder words like 'enormous' on the board.

Ethan, completed Saxon Phonics lesson 45. This was an assessment lesson. He did well. His spelling test had 12 words and he missed one. It was a sight word 'was'. One of his spelling words was 'insect', he had to pause and think, but he did spell it correctly.

He was able to code all but one word, which I know he can. It was 'weep'. He put a breve over the first 'e' instead of a macron. With identifying the letters 'w' and 'u', he could say the sound but couldn't remember the names. All-in-all he did very well.
Last night he completed a McRuffy math lesson.
He enjoys working with pattern blocks.

Last night I  also did a math lesson with Caleb, this way he can work on it today. Tonight, I'll go over his math lesson, so he can work on it tomorrow. He is learning about improper, mixed, and unlike fractions. 

Annette, writing her dictation.
 This is the view that I see. Here I am dictating a few sentences from Writing With Ease. My area has my file box with each child's weekly file folder. I have my pens, markers and books all in that area.
 Today for math, Lance and I played a race car game from McRuffy Math. He really enjoyed it. When he landed on a flag or car, he would get so excited because he could either take another turn or go around and collect a counter (we used counting bears to keep track of our points.) Lance, was the winner.
 We went over his AWANA verse.

Here is a picture of the boys with dad. They love trying to 'beat' him up!
In this picture it looks as if Lupe {my Sweets} is posing but he really is holding Joshua's hand down.

 And Brent, he is happy that big brother Josh, is defeated because between Josh and Brent, Josh usually wins the match. See how happy Brent looks.

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