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Day 60

Today, as I was typing my previous post, Ethan, came out of his room looking so cute!
 My Spanish Rice, came out really good! It was so pretty, that I took a picture. Hee, hee.
 After dinner, Lupe and I went to Albertson to purchase ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner. My it got a bit expensive.
Once home, Lupe helped my dad get his retirement papers in order. Below is a picture of my dad, starting a new chapter in his life!
Today, we did get some school in. Annette, is writing a composition about Indians. This assignment is from Intermediate Language Lessons. She completed a math lesson.
Joshua, did math and History. Caleb and Brent completed their first lesson from Phonics Pathways {more about that later} I dictated sentences to them and had them read the sentences back to me. I have to take a pictures of Caleb's sentences because he wrote so neat! At least the neatness I have seen him.
Ethan, and Lance, didn't do any formal schooling. I did things orally through the day with them. For instance I had Ethan, spell some words that were on his spelling test. With Lance, I had him go over the letter sounds.

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  1. E does look sharp! Rice looks yummy. I've always had a horrible time trying to cook rice so I resort to those instant bags..horrible of me. Happy retirement to your Dad! That is awesome!


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