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While my sister was here, she helped me get my filing more organized. I filed for a month during the summer and was sad to say it wasn't working for me. By taking everything apart my brain was frazzled. {I think my brain works like Joshua's in this department.}
I had workbooks that I carefully took apart and thus loosing pages. I'd put a worksheet on the table, only for it to be lost in the shuffle of the day.
I was wondering why did I take my books apart and what was I thinking! Really, it sounds so simple but again, my brain was very confused.
Since I did all that work, I didn't want to abandon the system. Even if I wanted too, I couldn't. My workbooks were hanging, not sitting in their binding anymore.

My sister Cynthia on the other hand is very organized. I gave her my ideas to make the system work and she helped me put it all together. This is what we did. I took an empty crate and put ALL of Ethan's school stuff in it. I mean EVERYTHING. I put teacher manuals, workbooks, readers etc.
We then organized it by McRuffy Math, Saxon Math, Learning Language Arts Through Literature and Saxon Phonics. I also made files for 'completed work', hard copies or originals and Answer Keys. In other words every single paper had a home. Then we labeled by weeks. Because things happen, I didn't want to file by weeks but I think this will make things more doable. We only labled for 9 weeks. Every nine weeks I'll add to the folders.
Once done with Ethan's we did this with the rest of the kiddos school stuff. My sister was amazed at how much I  have to keep track and do.
I ended up with 5 crates. One for Josh, Annette, Ethan and Lance. Caleb and Brent's stuff was able to fit in one crate, so they share one. I also have a crate {not pictured} that holds some teacher manuals. The 'teacher manual' crate is on top of my rolling cart, so I don't have to break my back with pulling manuals from the crates. They are stacked and it's really not a good thing when I need a teacher manual from the bottom crate.

Once we were done with all the crates, my next though was; I have to move these crates everyday. If I need Lance's math I have to take four crates off. Yikes!
To remedy this I took all the 'Week 1" folders from each child put them in hanging file folders and placed them in a Hanging File Folder bin, that sits on top of the five stacked crates.
I also put our current read aloud in the front.

Any finished work goes back into the manila folder labeled week 1. At the end of the week I'll transfer the completed work to the folder in the crate. I'm so happy.

Today, I knew where everything was. I didn't have to hunt down one single paper. Wahoo!

Thank you sis, for helping me. It was such an overwhelming job for me, that I kept putting it off. Thanks to my sweet sis, who took the time on her vacation to help me.

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