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From the Heart

I have heard these words spoken to a child jumping up and down, whining and crying, "I'll buy you a candy." The parent is telling the child that if he/she will stop whining he'll be rewarded with a candy. I don't understand this. Why would you teach and train your child to do this?
All I see is a parent teaching their child to be and become  selfish and only think of his own needs. How sad is that?

I see things like this happen over and over. A parent gives a whining, crying child a cookie, to stop the child from whining and crying. There is a name for this, it's called "lazy parenting". Lazy Parenting happens when the parent doesn't take the time to minister, teach and train the child. The fast, quick easy way out is to hand the child a cookie {or what the child wants}.

Today, Lance, asked if he could have a candy. I told him not right now, maybe after dinner. Lance, turned away,  and went walking out the door, when I heard something fall. I checked to see what it was. On the floor was Lance's jar of candy. On the way out he dropped it because I didn't give him what he wanted, when he wanted it. I called Lance, back into the room and told him, that since he decided to have a mini-tantrum about not being able to have a piece of candy right now, that I was throwing away all the candy in his jar. He cried, as he saw the candy fall into the trash. I know this may sound harsh but he needs to learn that life is not all about 'me, me, me' and he must obey with a cheerful heart.

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  1. Atta girl! I think it's up to the homeschool community - and the church as well - to fight the prevailing attitude of "I deserve everything I want when I want it" that is ingrained in today's kids by the schools and the Hollywood culture. Blessings.


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