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Have You Read a Missionary Story to Your Child Lately?

I finished reading the book about Samuel Morris. It was so hard for me to finish it because I was trying not to cry. Of course that didn't work. I had tears streaming donw my face and had to stop quite a few times.

I love reading missionary stories to my children. They 'see' these wonderful men and women live so selflessly. Giving their lives to do God works. Giving up comforts for their Lord. It's amazing to me to see the impact that these stories have not only on my children's lives but my own. We all are so humbled by these missionaries.

I see my children want to be more like Christ. They are encouraged after reading about Samuel Morris and other missionaries. I think seeing their mom being brought to tears tells them something as well ;)

Next to the Bible, missionary stories are our next favorite.

I encourage you to read a missionary story to your children. It's like I'm always saying to my dear sisters' in Christ; point everything back to God with your children.
Read them good books. Books that teach and show good character qualities.
I'll even read a Dr. Seuss books and draw out Christ from it. My children and I have often wondered if Mr. Geisel was a Christian.
39507: Samuel Morris, Men and Women of Faith Series Samuel Morris, Men and Women of Faith Series

By Bethany House

While most missionary biographies detail the lives of Western missionaries, this is the story of the African missionary God called to the United States when slavery and segregation were an accepted fact of life. This book details the moving life story of Samuel Morris. After a miraculous escape from certain death during the ravages of intertribal warfare in Liberia, Africa, Kaboo was converted to Christ by Methodist missionaries and baptized under the name Samuel Morris. Traveling to America for pastoral training in the late 1880's, his trip was a missionary voyage in itself when several seamen were led to Christ through his godly life. At Taylor University his example of faith made him a leader among the students and a challenge to the faculty. For ages 12 and up.


  1. Wow, Linda. I'm definitely going to put this one on our reading list. This is one thing I love about the paces, that each pace highlights a missionary. Last pace it was David Brainerd, and this pace it's William Carey. I have been wanting to get to a few, but haven't been able, so have been thankful the paces include these, but I am definitely going to put a few on our list and start reading them on our break. I wish they had them at our local library, but unfortunately they don't have much about Christian missionaries there.

    Thanks for telling us about this book, and I laughed about what you wrote about finding biblical truths in Dr. Suess. When Adam was little, I would do the same thing and often wondered if the author of those books was a Christian. Hmm? Maybe that will be a little research project. I love all the Dr. Suess books and so did Adam, but Josh never took to them for some reason. :(

    Anyways, I'm rambling.


    Have a great weekend!

    Dee :)

  2. Hey Linda
    Thanks for the prayers..I really need them :-)

    Yes Azucena got her letter it actually came right after we moved in. She was very happy to get it!! She get working one for Annette soon.

    I am completely overwhelmed right now...I am not even close to being unpacked. What with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming and all I have to do I don't know how we are ever going to start school anytime soon ~sigh~ Somehow I need to figure it all out...LOL.

  3. "She get working one for Annette soon"
    Wow that didn't make any sense..LOL. I mean't She will get working on one for Annette soon :-)


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