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Homeschooling for 8yrs.

Eeeeks! I have been homeschooling for 8yrs. and still don't have this down. I feel like a new homeschooler every year. I can't seem to figure this homeschooling thing out.
As a homeschooling mama, I can get stressed sometimes. I know it's wrong but I do. Carrying the load of your child's education can be hard at times.
Like I mentioned on another post, I think I'm having a panic mode.
Maybe because after a week off, it's hard to get back into the swing of things. We had some light weeks when my mother-in-law and sister came, so I feel like we have had too much time off. Then with Thanksgiving and now CHRISTmas vacations. Add in a few other things that life throws at ya.

We did have a nice Thanksgiving and Lupe and I took a mini vacation and spent a night in a city called Grapevine. It was really nice to spend some time with my Sweets. We did some CHRISTmas shopping, ate at Cracker Barrel and just had a wonderful time.
Hopefully I can post more about it later.
Off to start school =)


  1. Linda, please don't feel bad. I've been doing this for about 11 years and sometimes I still feel clueless, but I know that God called me to do this, and He will equip and add in the necessary that I, in my human self, cannot. (Mathew 6:33)

    This time of year lends itself to feeling like this, one, because it is the middle of the school year, even if it isn't chronologically, it just feels that way. Two, because it seems to be an introspective time of looking at oneself and realizing goals and failures. Three, by this time of the year Thanksgiving and Christmas, also visits, have sort of wiped our mental make-up and made us a bit dizzy, sort of confused.

    Don't beat yourself up about it. The best homeschool advice a very dear friend gave me was do the next thing. Pick up where you left off, and finish the books. (this changed my homeschool many years ago)

    Realize that at this time, you just can't do it all and that it will all seem much clearer in January when major holidays are over and interruptions come to a slow down. You are doing a great job thus far, and God, who is the giver of all wisdom, will fill you up with what you need at the proper time.

    Please know that if all you did was teach your children to read, to write, and to know God's Word and live it to its fullest, you will have surpassed many!

    Please be encouraged, Linda!!! Whenever I think I can't do it, I come to your blog and see everything you do with so much love and enthusiasm and it encourages me and I know many others greatly.

    Much Love in Him,


    (((((Cyber Hugs))))

    ps so happy you and your hubby got a nice little get away.

  2. Hi, Linda! I found your blog while I was at Mrs. Darling's blog. The name of your blog caught my attention. My husband and I also have six children. We homeschool and have been doing so since our older two started second grade. This is our eighth year, too. Our main curriculum is THE WEAVER CURRICULUM. WEAVER is all inclusive except for Math and Phonics. We use a variety of other curricula for those two subjects.

    You said,

    "Eeeeks! I have been homeschooling for 8yrs. and still don't have this down. I feel like a new homeschooler every year. I can't seem to figure this homeschooling thing out."

    I feel pretty much the same way every year. I think it is because our children are growing and changing and we are always trekking into new territory as our children progress. Yikes! I have two in ninth grade this year!


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