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Intermediate Language Lessons

Annette, is using Intermediate Language Lessons as part of her Language Arts this year. Today, she had to arrange sentences into paragraphs {lesson 21}. I was so proud of her penmanship. She really is improving. I'm even more happy about her attitude. It was a lot of writing and she didn't complain at all.
I told her the title could have been neater and she didn't indent! I mentioned that next time she didn't indent I would have her rewrite the whole passage. I know, I'm way too nice for not having her do it this time.

She also wrote a composition about Indians. Here is what she wrote. She had to begin the composition in this way.
"Long before the white people came to America, Indians roamed here and there over the broad country."

There are different kinds of Indian homes, depending on the tribe, such as wigwam, tepees, long-house, chickees and earth lodges. For weapons, they had axes, bow-and-arrows, and spears. For food, they hunted Buffalo, fish, dear and bear meat. They usually smoked or made stew out of the meat.

It's un edited, I am going to go over some corrections with her.

I'm thankful that my sister reformatted ILL so that it can be used as a workbook. I tried using it before but because it was non consumable it just didn't work for us. We still have the hardback book and I did purchase the Teacher Manual as well. The teacher manual gives examples and answers. At times I'll read an example summary to Annette, from the manual, so she'll know what I want from her. Hopefully having to give her examples will become fewer and fewer as we progress.

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