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Lance School

With Lance, I started adding in some crafts to help him remember the sounds of the letters. Three or four weeks ago I  started. So far we covered the letters A, B, C and started 'T' today. I'm following the sequence from McRuffy Phonics.
Yesterday we finished the /c/ sound. Below, he traced the letter 'C', then traced it with glue and added glitter. We hang these letters around the house. Through the day and week I'll point to one and ask, "What sound does this letter make?"

 I added in what many call 'busywork'. The Crayola book is coloring by numbers or letters.
 The blue book on the right is for Lance. Ready Set Doodle. It has lots of neat activities in it. For instance, on a page there will be lines and swirls. He is suppose to make a picture out of it. Another example; there will be five pictures of books, he is to make them all look different. I think it works his mind to be more creative. I found the books at Half Price Books. The one on the left is Ethan's.
 Adding in mazes.
 Working on his pencil grip.

We continue to use McRuffy Math and Saxon Math. My goal is to do three lessons of each math program a week {including Saturday}

I started McRuffy Phonics back-up. With me working with Lance, more consistently and using the fun letter worksheets that I added in, he is memorizing those sounds. I plan to dictate sounds to him as well.

That's a day of Lance School.

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