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Lance School

I was able to School Lance, in the evening. We didn't get to Phonics but did do math.
Below, Lance is thinking. He is learning how to use a numberline. I had him put a counter on 4 and 6, then asked what was the number between them. He would write the number down.
 Lance, is still fighting a cold. He slept a lot today and was not allowed to play with his buddy {cousin} Jackie.
 Completing his math page.
 Below are different color squares, each with number inside. I would tell Lance, to put the counter below the number nine or between two numbers.
When I asked him to put the counter under the number four, he turned the page and put it under the four, looked at me in his silly way and asked, "Like this, or what, what do you want me to do?"

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  1. Aw, he looks so cute blowing his nose. You are doing a good job with him, Linda! Praying his cold goes away very soon.


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