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Learning Language Arts Through Literature

Annette, is almost done with lesson 5. Each lesson is suppose to take a week to complete but since I have Annette, using Intermediate Language Lessons and Saxon Grammar too, it takes her a bit longer to finish a week. Usually a week and a half. The older version of LLATL had that it was for 5th-6th grade, so were okay with it taking longer to complete.
In lesson five her dictation passage for study was from Mr. Popper's Penguins. Day 1, I'm suppose to read the literature passage as she writes it. Usually I have her copy it instead. Then she is to list six words that she needs to study. Normally she can spell the words and we skip this portion but this time she needed to study the word refrigerator. I had her skip the 'wor' words that were to be copied {worse, worth, worry etc.} because she knows them already.
Day, two she worked with simple subject/predicate. She also had to make a timeline about Captain Cook's life. Thankfully we have a book about him. She had to answer some questions about the literature passage as well.
Day 3, she worked with describing words concerning the passage. She had to find adjectives in sentences and place commas correctly, then write a sentence describing the house using two or more adjectives and use commas.
Day 4 {which Annette, will do tomorrow because she 'forgot' today} she will write a letter. It's suppose to be a get well card, but she doesn't know anyone who is sick at the moment. She is also to review the seven rules of capitalization.
Day 5 {which she did an hour ago} I dictated the passage to her. She matched sentences with pictures and did the Review Activities. The Review Activities cover grammar usage. With this one she is reviewing the complete subject/predicate, underlining the simple sub./pred., underline adjectives and commas, correct a letter and answering if possessive pronouns (his, her, its, their, your) are adjectives? Why?

That is a peek into a week with Learning Language Arts Through Literature {Purple}.

I would like to sit more with Annette, as she uses Learning Language Arts Through Literature because we have fun with it. Most the times she does it on her own and I correct it later. I'm going to try to sit with her more often.

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