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Missionary Stories

Through my blogging years I have more than once mentioned that I read missionary stories to my children. Not only do the children learn from these Heroes of Faith but I learn as well. I actually get many parenting tips when reading about missionaries.

I'll admit it has been months since I've read a biography about a missionary. I haven't made it a priority like I use too. Well, with the other changes I've made with starting our full school load up, having our daily read aloud was another one. The book Samuel Morris happened to be the one I  picked. I  purchased it at Half Price Books a few weeks back and have been wanting to read it to the children.

Why, I haven't read about a missionary in months I'll not know because again, my children learn so much through these biographies. We are half way through our book. Yesterday, I noticed Brent, was working a little harder than usual and without me asking him too. He was even, taking out the trash/recycle. This was very unusual because it's Caleb's job to take out the trash. He wiped counters, put dishes away and even swept the kitchen floor which is Joshua's job.

When I  commented about how helpful he's been he said, "I prayed." He also mentioned that he's been praying more. Then today, he comes to me holding Lance's hand and said, "I helped Lance, get saved." I asked him how and he told me, "I talked to him about Jesus and prayed with him." When I inquired more Lance, told me he is a Christian now. He said, "I asked Jesus to come into my heart, forgive me for my sins and save me and thank you."

Oh, can't forget. A few days ago we also watched The Jim Elliot Story.

We also listened to Nate Saint's son talk about his father and living among the Aucas. You can read more about Nate Saint here.

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