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My Father's World Exp1850

With My Father's World Exploration to 1850 we are on week 3. I know, pretty bad considering this is our 11th week of school.
I am not having us use all of MFW. We are only using it for Bible and History reading. The children are not notebooking. I would like us to start the timeline soon.

I absolutely love My Father's World, but as you all know, I have this dislike, like relationship with it. I have purchased six levels through the years and have only completed two of them. Exp1850 being the 6th level and hopefully I can add it to the  'we completed' list.

This week I have read from The Story of the World, Building a City on a Wall, Exploring American History and In God We Trust, as well as James, from the Bible.

I'm considering dropping Story of the World though. My children have the cd and have listened to it over the past two years. By 'over' I mean that they listen to one of the Story of the World volumes at least once a week.When I read from the book, they already know what the chapter is about. I'm still not sure. I won't substitute it, if I do drop.

On the other hand, maybe with me reading it they can see everything tie together.

Anyway, that's where we are at the moment with MFW. 

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