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It's time to get ready for Thanksgiving! How exciting. Tonight Lupe, the kids and I will go to the grocery store and get everything we need for our Thanksgiving meal.

Today, I started off our morning with a family meeting {the kiddos and me, Lupe is at work}.
The agenda:
  • Rooms must be clean before the children are allowed to play outside, play a computer game or have a dessert
I have been getting lazy in the 'keeping the rooms clean' department.
  • First time obedience reminder.
Another area that I have let slip. Not so much when I ask them to do something but if they ask me. For instance, the other night my Sweets brought me home a Mocha. Joshua asked if he may have a sip. I said, "No." He said, "Just a little sip?"
This may sound petty but in my opinion it's not obedience. I have been letting things like this go on for too long.
  • I went over some of the chores {dishes, trash, bathroom etc.}
Again, I have let my children get away with not completing their chores properly. For instance, it's Brent's job to keep the bathroom clean but the sink needs a good scrubbing and the floor hasn't been swept, yet I still let him have many privileges; play outside, computer, sweets etc.
Today, I let the children know that their chores need to be completed before any privileges are allowed.

I reminded them a few times that things like computer, desserts, playmobils and so forth are privileges, not a right.At the end of the meeting Caleb asked, "Do we have any rights?" Everyone busted up laughing.


  1. I was just thinking about this very topic myself today. I have let things slip too much, and I need to tighten the reigns. Sometimes I feel like it's just me, or I'm too strict, but everything and everyone seem to "run" better when there are set expectations. I tell mine that "many hands make light work" and they should be thankful they are capable of doing the work. There are lots of people (kids included) who would love to have a room to clean or be able to stand up and wash and dry dishes. "Whistle while you work!"

    You seem to be doing a great job with/for your kids. I really enjoy reading your posts :)

  2. Thanks Kristi, that is so true about being thankful that they can clean. I often tell them we need to take care of what God has given us. They are so blessed to have a room. Many children and families have only one room for them all.


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