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Phonics Pathways

I think I'm going through one of my 'panic' modes with Caleb and Brent's reading. I have them practice reading from the Victory Drill Book mostly on their own. Monday I added Phonics Pathways
I purchased this a few years back to use with Caleb, but he did not like it at all. He was bored to tears. Okay, well maybe not tears but he did ask me at one time if he had to do use it.

Currently we are using The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading but my boys are not where I would like them to be with reading. Part of the problem, at least with Caleb, is he's not interested in reading. I believe another problem is, I'm not as consistent with PR. We are using PR about three times a week because not every day do I get to it. If we don't get to it one day, then the next day I make sure to start school with Caleb and Brent, but even so, it's still getting done only three times per week.
When I do get our Phonics Road lesson in, it can be pretty long. I start with the spelling, dictation and grammar {we stopped the literature study for now}.  By the time we finish 40 minutes have passed and I feel like we haven't spent enough time with Phonics.

I decided to pick-up Phonics Pathways and dabble in it a bit this week. Monday, I had both boys read a page that consisted of the 'ck' words. We went over the rule, they read some words, then sentences. I dictated four sentences to them. I  had fun spending this time with them. Since I was not schooling all the kids I didn't feel rushed. I think that's what made it so enjoyable.
With Caleb, I helped him form some of the letters in cursive. He did so well.

This was from today's dictation.

This was yesterday's dictation.

Do I plan to stop using Phonics Road? Not anytime soon but I am going to supplement it for now. Phonics Pathways takes about 15 minutes a day, maybe 20 with the dictation and penmanship. All I have to do to prepare, is pull out the book.

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