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Saxon Phonics 1

Saxon Phonics 1 Lesson 41
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Today, Ethan, completed lesson 41. From here on out he'll start learning about long vowels. It's getting pretty exciting.

This lesson introduced 'a-e' the little hyphen represents a consonant. There was a little skit in the lesson showing how the 'sneaky' silent 'e' makes the vowel say it's long sound. I held an index card with the letter 'e' and was sneaking around the kitchen. Then I'd have the sneaky, silent e, hide behind the consonant {the hyphen card} and I'd say, "Boo!" and the vowel would say its long sound. Ethan, had lots of fun with that.

A new sight word was introduced; 'you'.

We coded the sentence below. The words 'said' and 'you' are sight words and I'm teaching them as sight words. I also introduced what quotations marks are used for.
 Ethan, spelled some words to practice a-e. He coded words and read a few sentences.
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I'm really enjoying teaching Saxon Phonics. The lessons are getting a bit harder for Ethan, but we will continue on.

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