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Saxon Phonics 1

Saxon Phonics 1 Lesson 46

Looks like Ethan, will start slowing down with Saxon Phonics 1. The lessons are becoming longer. Today, we spent 40 minutes on lesson 46 and still didn't complete it. I'll pick-up Monday where we left of today.
I believe what's making it take longer is the review of all the decks. We review letter cards, picture cards, sight word cards, affix cards (suffix), and then I dictate all the letters to him. Some letters have more than one way to write it too. For instance with the /k/ sound he writes 'k,c' with the long sound of 'u' he writes {u-e, u}. What I may start doing after Thanksgiving is only have him review what he has trouble with and save reviewing everything until Friday. This would save about 15 minutes.
The sentences are getting longer as well. They are short paragraphs now.

Today, we didn't get to his spelling list. I'm going to have him take it tomorrow, so the week after Thanksgiving we can start fresh with lesson 47. Some of the spelling words are deep, camping, thick, singing, sticks, are and put. The ones he has trouble with are the sight words.

Now that the long sound of the vowels have been introduced, Ethan, gets them mixed up sometimes. He is making great progress though. He can still spell 'insect' and he's so proud of it too!
It's fun watching him learn.

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  1. I like wrapping things up and starting fresh after holidays too!


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