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Tired Mom

I'm cheating and sneaking a quick blog post before school. I was pouring my coffee this morning. My body is tired, I'm tired and it got me thinking.Why is parenting exhausting? I love being a mom. I love having my children home daily. I really enjoy being a stay-at-home mom/wife. I thank the Lord daily for my wonderful life, but I'm drained. I went to bed extremely tired {I am fighting a cold}. I wake the same way.

I'm not complaining but just wondering. Sometimes I think things are backwards. Before children I had so much energy. Now that I have children I'm tired a lot. It should be the other way around.

Anyway, I need to get school going, but as I was pouring that cup of java and my body ached (most likely from fight a cold that is determined to show up) and it got me wondering..........

It's so cute, as I am typing Lance is counting his fingers. Ethan, is trying to catch a mini marshmallow in his mouth and Brent is smiling. Oh, Lance, has the sniffles.

Be back at quiet time, until then, you all have a good day.
In Him,

Edited to add, I just finished reading a chapter from our read aloud; Samuel Morris. I don't even come close to knowing what true exhaustion is. I remember a few years back when I thought I was exhausted and the Lord brought another great missionary book; Gladys Aylward and gently reminded me how unexhausted I am. Hee, hee. 

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  1. Linda, I'm sorry you are feeling so tired. You do a lot and there's a lot to get through as opposed to someone who is only homeschooling one or two children. Keep it light and simple until after the holidays and then you can hit the school harder after the holidays! OKay, rest, rest, rest! I don't want you to burn out.

    Much love,



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