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Waldorf Math

Never thought I'd write a post about Waldorf Math, but here I am. I talked to Lupe, about using this method of math with the children and he said it was okay. I accidental purchased the wrong "Making Math Meaningful" book. I didn't realize there were two. Ones is not Waldorf and the other is Waldorf Math.
I thought they were the same and this one was the updated version but that wasn't the case. There are two different programs with the same name. Below is the one I purchased and is Waldorf.
A friend at church uses Making Math Meaningful, but I'm pretty sure she is using the one below.

Anyway, I really liked the whole to parts method of teaching math. Instead of saying 6+6=12, you ask "What is 12" the number 12 is more than 6+6. It can be 9and3, 8and4 etc. I never thought to present math that way before. I went searching and also found a book that breaks down the lessons for me, because you all know I need things laid out for me. 'A Journey through Waldorf Math' is the book I purchased. The first lessons begin with Roman Numerals. Here are some pictures of our Roman Numeral pages. They are not that great, because we can't draw very well.

A note with regarding Waldorf Math. I don't agree with everything Waldorf. I'm not interested in the spiritual aspect of Waldorf, but when I saw how math is presented it made sense too me. Maybe this will help my son who struggles with math so much. I know I have wrote before [a few years back] that I prefer only Christian curriculum and I'm embarrassed to admit that I strayed from that and I'm not sure how some will take this post but I want my son to 'get' math and be able to move on.
I believe one can pull from a method what you need and what will work for ones homeschooling. With Charlotte Mason one can pull narration and leave the rest, the same with Classical, Beechick and as I have learned Waldorf.

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