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Week 11

Week 11. November 15th-19th 2010.

This week as been a good busy week. I feel like we accomplished much. Maybe not everything but a good amount.

Every morning we start our day with My Father's World, James Bible Study. We have memorized James 1:1-8 so far. Once done with our James Study, I have the boys go over their Alert Cadet stuff. Before everyone splits up, I read what is scheduled from MFW:
  • In God We Trust
  • The Story of the World
  • Building a City on a Wall
  • Exploring American History
We are only on Week 3 and so far have not done any summaries, timeline and such. I hope to at least add in the timeline next week.

Because I blog all week, I don't even know what to add to my Week in Review. I think I'll give some updates.

Joshua, is still using the Spectrum Math books. If you don't remember, a little while back, I stopped having Joshua, play catch-up with other math curriculum's and have decided to just start at the beginning {click here to read that post}. I  purchased grades 3-6 of the Spectrum Math book series. He has been doing well with the 3rd grade book. I am able to see what areas he is having trouble with. Surprisingly enough it's 3 or 4 digit numbers and fractions. He's able to do multiplication and division without missing much (although right now it's only single digits).

Annette's little of this-and-that for Writing is working beautifully. Her Writing program consist of:
  • Learning Language Arts Through Literature {LLATL}
  • Intermediate Language Lessons {ILL}
I just sort of pick and choose. Both LLATL and ILL have Annette, writing some nice compositions. She has learned a lot about birds from some assignments in ILL. She looks so cute hopping on the computer and going to her favorite bird website: All About Birds.
This week LLATL she is making a timeline of Captain Cooks life.

This week with Lance, he is learning the 'P' sound. I put together a little "P" book to help him remember the sound.

 He made a p-p-panda bear.
 He is wearing a p-p-police hat.

I'm sorry, this Week in Review is not much, but my writing just isn't flowing today. I have lots to say but it's just not flowing. I think because I got a late start and right now the children will be waking from their nap/quiet time. When my kiddos are out I can't really concentrate. Most of my blogging happens when the children are sleeping.

Anyway, that's a bit of what we did this week. If you are interested in more scroll down. I try to blog daily with pictures!
Have a good week,


  1. I am also trying to move a student (my friend's dd) along in math. Trying to work through a curriculum at a quicker pace than it is designed to be used in difficult. Glad to see you found something that is workig for your guy.

  2. I don't know how you keep up with daily blogging! I remember those days of only being able to get things done when the children sleep! Our youngest is 5 now so it's much easier! I like the police hat!


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