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Week 9

Week 9. November 1st-5th, 2010

Week 9 my sister and her family were her. We didn't do too much academic stuff but we're calling it a week anyway. I figured the public school takes off a week and still counts it as part of the 36 week school year. Besides we school through the summer as well.

The children got show their crafty side.
Below Caleb and Annette, made a Fun fusion creation.
 Caleb's cookie. He took a bite before I had a chance to take the picture.
 Wikki Stick fun, Annette, made a bed, man and rug. Not sure who made the heart.
 Even my wonderful hubby, got creative. He made me a CHRISTmas tree with a message in it. Awww!
And had lots of fun making smores with some jumbo marshmallows.

The children read a lot too.

In Him,


  1. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all- even your dh (sweet tree)!

  2. Now that sounds like a great week! And there is nothing wrong with a cookie with a bite out of it! :)

  3. Too funny...I just bought those HUGE marshmallows this week :) I'm planning to pull them out for s'more on Thanksgiving evening when we sit as a family around our camp fire.


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