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What to Do???

I don't think I'm liking Horizons Math. It's okay, but the teacher manual doesn't give any solutions for the answers. It doesn't show me step-by-step instructions.

Joshua, informed me today that he doesn't like Saxon Phonics Intervention. He said it confuses him. His words, "My brain doesn't understand it." Josh, also mentioned that he preferred Spell to Write and read because  it was more straightforward. His words, "My brain didn't get confused." Oh me, oh my, what is a homeschooling mama to do. Yikes!

I'm not sure what to do about the two choices above. I am going to have to rethink a few things. Ideas are floating in my head, but for now, I will have Annette, continue with Horizons and Josh, with Phonics Pathway. I'll decide about Saxon Phonics Intervention over the next few weeks. Just when I thought we found something. I may have to go with a word list for Josh, maybe make one up with the mistakes he makes when he writes.

Today, he spelled the word make like this 'macks' when I inquired about it, he said, he was in a hurry and verbally spelled it to me correctly {make}. Hmmm, I told him he needs to think about the words he writes. He misses many easy words like 'whent' because he is not paying attention.

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  1. (((Hugs))) I've had math woes over the years and we still have bitty troubles at times to feel the perfect match. I am happy with the McRuffy Math..thank you for sharing :) My little does struggle but I think I move through it too fast at times.

    ~Tamara (changed blog names :)


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