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Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve tradition here at Homeschooling6; we have a Polar Express Day.

 Normally, we make a train out of chairs in the living room for the reading. This year since we had no room to do that, they sat on the couch.

Here is what we do. I print tickets and pass them out. I stand at the living room entrance, and call out, "All aboard the Polar Express!!!" They hand me their tickets. Once everyone is aboard, I read the book, then we watch the movie. As they watch the movie I get the kitchen ready. I make a sign that reads "Polar Express Cafe, Cookies and Hot Chocolate served here." I make the table look nice, get the hot chocolate and cookies ready.
I didn't purchase a tablecloth, bells, Christmasy plates and cups this year (on a budget) so I got creative. I cut a piece of wrapping paper and used it as a table runner/cloth. I bought some candles at the grocery store for $1.29 buy one get one free. My dad gave me a candle holder and we used real mugs instead. It really came out nice. I should have taken a picture of the table before the children sat down.

After the movie, I stand at the entrance of the 'Cafe' and they hand me their tickets again. This time I use a hole puncher and punch holes in their tickets.
 While the chocolate was heating, I had them color a Gingerbread man.
 Below left is Annette's and right is Caleb's.
Josh, wasn't with us this time. He had to help his dad and Grandpa's house (still fixing it to rent)

I also had the children, write what CHRISTmas means to them.

On Christmas Eve, Lupe and I didn't get to bed until 4:00 a.m.
I had to finish with the cooking and giftwrapping. Thankfully my Sweets, helps with the wrapping. That took us three hours. Normally we finish by 1:00 a.m. but for some reason it took us a lot longer this year.

Lance School

My hubby, wanted Lance, to do school today. He actually wanted to do some cutting from the I Can series. Normally, I have to make him, hee, hee. Not today, look how well, he cut out that hat he is wearing. He's also working on a spiral cut. Way to go Lance.
 With McRuffy Phonics; not too happy.

His McRuffy Phonics lesson was an assessment. He passed but only because,  he guessed. I would say a word like 'cap' and he was to circle the ending sound. At first I thought he was really getting them but then he said, "I know this, it goes this way, this way and this way." as he was pointing to his paper. It so happened that for number 1. the answer was on the left, #2. was on the right, #3. on the left again and so forth. He found a pattern.

Today, we were watching The Call of the Wild. The Indian's father passed away and one of his friends said, "I'm sorry."
Lance, asked, "Why do people say sorry, if they didn't do anything?"

Living With 5 Boys and 1 Man

Why is this sock hanging from one of my bookshelves???
Answer: sock-war!
My hubby and sons, love a good sock-war. They have many different ways to have this war. Some days, the socks are made into balls, other time a sock is stuffed with other socks, when they don't have time they just fling a sock as is (like the one shown above).
I find many clean socks in my laundry and many balled up ones too!

Another Wonderful Day

Lance, has been acting up lately. I think part of the reason is I'm busy with schooling all the children and he is left on his own a lot. He plays out in the backyard or in the living room.
This morning was no different. He cried every time something didn't go his way, so I stopped what I was doing, had him help me make lunch and he's been an angel ever since. Poor guy needed some one-on-one time with mama. We had a good little talk. It was fun.

We did some Creative Math on Monday. Tuesday, I thought, forget math, I'm going to not think about school (although I  love homeschooling). It was nice not having to rush from one lesson to another. It was nice, just doing what needed to be done (like baking) but not feeling rushed and I think that's what Lance needed from me.
Picture of my Lance. He said, he's a Ninja!

What did we do today?

Grandpa took Caleb, to Home Depot. He was originally going to take him to Lowes but Caleb, forgot the Mapquest instructions, so my dad decided to take him where he knew a Home Depot was. Caleb, wanted to get some CHRISTmas gifts for his brothers.
When Caleb, returned home he said, "Mom, do you think God lets things happen for a reason?"
Me, "Yes."
Caleb, "Because if I would have went to Lowes I would have paid more for the flashlights. At Home Depot they were a lot less and we would have gone to Lowes, if I didn't forget the directions."
I thought that was so precious.

Lance, "Mom, can I watch the Jesus, film, so I can learn more about obeying."
After, we made lunch, Lance, wanted to watch The Jesus Film.

Annette, watched it with him and after she played a board game with him too. He was happy for the rest of the day, even without a nap!

I baked lots of cookies today, Peppermint Snowballs, Sugar, Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodles. Josh and I made Banana Bread together. Tomorrow we'll make more loaves. Yum. My dad misses my mom's Banana Bread. Hopefully mine will taste okay for him.
Ethan, helping with the Peppermint Snowball cookies.

 This is how my dinner table looked today. My kitchen is pretty small. Notice our map falling. Guess, I should retack it.
 A new tradition. Since, I'm busy baking and I don't want to take all the ingredients off the table, only to put them back after supper, I am going to turn our living room into a candle lit dinner. You can't tell by looking at the picture that the lights were off. With the CHRISTmas lights that we have hanging and the candles, it looked so pretty. We had a simple supper of biscuits and gravy. One of the children asked if we were having the 'last supper'.
My niece joined us for dinner. She also listened to our CHRISTmas story for the day and put an Advent ornament on the garland we have hanging over one of the doorways (we don't have our tree yet).

Those cookie sheets that I purchased yesterday, have come in so handy. Normally I use my Pampered Chef pizza stones. I have two. They are not good when you need to bake lots of cookies because they take forever to cool down. It takes me three times as long to bake my CHRISTmas cookies. We bake hundreds of cookies.
I'm so thankful that I splurged and purchased the cookie sheets. They cool a lot faster. Two more would be extra wonderful because then I could have two sheets in the oven, and when they are done, I can put two more in, while the others cool. Maybe next year ;)

Speaking of my Pampered Chef Pizza Stones; Annette, almost injured me with one today.
The Pizza Stones where on the stove. Some how Annette, leaned on the stove and they fell. One came rolling at me and I had to do a funny jig (according to Josh) to keep that heavy pizza stone from hitting my feet. Those pizza stones are good quality. After I was done doing my jig and the pizzas stone came to stop, I expected to see broken pieces all over, but they didn't break, not even a crack.
It was funny though. Annette, Josh and I, had a good laugh.
Merry CHRISTmas,

Fun Evening

My Sweets, emailed me a coupon to print. The coupon was for a free cinnamon roll at What-a-burger. One coupon per person. Sounded yummy! Although I do get embarrassed entering a restaurant with six children and two adults for only something free. I decided I'd get a coffee too.
We arrive at the restaurant only to find it's good for the 21st. We were a day early. I was embarrassed to have us all walk out. Oh well.

On the way home we stopped at Target and the children did a little bit of CHRISTmas shopping. Joshua, purchased a football for Annette. What a sweet brother. Annette, has been practicing catching and kicking.

I purchased some baking pans. Didn't realize they were Wilton pans until I got home, otherwise I would have went for something cheaper but I like Wiltons pans. I haven't purchased a new cookie sheet in years, so I thought two cookie sheets for $9.99 was a great deal. While we were there I figured I might as well get some groceries. I wanted to make the children Pigs in a Blanket, so I purchased some hot dogs and crescents. We were getting low with our baking goods so we got flour, wheat flour, sugar, and since I have some gravy left over from Chicken Express I added some biscuits to our list. I couldn't find a Gingerbread House though. That is what I mainly wanted to get. We left spending $150.00. Thank goodness we don't stop at Target often.

Lupe, so sweet. Since we couldn't find a Gingerbread house at Target, he took us to Albertson's. Annette, and I got down and searched the store for a Gingerbread house. As we searched we found the manger's special for the ground beef, we grabbed some Peanut Butter, celery, a Bell Pepper (Annette, loves Bell Peppers), ingredients for Pineapple Upside Down Cake (Jesus birthday cake) and lastly some candles for our Advent Wreath. We had fun, checking out through the self serve. It was past 11:00p.m.

Our last stop, Walgreens. My hubby ran in to get our prescriptions. Eeeks! $349.00 for all our medication. It was not easy paying for that. Most of it was for allergies.

We finally made it home at 11:49p.m. It felt funny being out so late.

Here is our Advent Wreath. It sits on our table as our centerpiece. I know the candle colors are not correct but I was using what we had on hand. There is an invisible candle too. We only had two blue and one pink, plus a little tealight. I used garland that we already had and put an angel in the middle since we really didn't have a white candle. I know I'm bad. It's what happens when one doesn't drive.
 Today, when my hubby took us to Albertson's, Annette, found some candles.
 This was the best we could find with the Gingerbread House. I should have bought it when my dad took me out last Monday, but it's so hard to spend the money (unless it's books). Anyway, I purchased two of these smaller Gingerbread homes for $3.99 each. Not too bad.
Now, I  need to go to bed. Everyone else is asleep but I had to write about our fun evening.

Earlier today, we made Snickerdoodles. They came out okay. Something didn't taste right.
We watched It's a Wonderful Life and the children cleaned the house after supper and told me to go lay down and rest a while.
Brent, cleaned the kitchen, Annette, the hallway, Josh, the living room, Lance, surprised me and cleaned the hall closet. I don't know what Caleb cleaned and Ethan, I don't think he helped.
Okay, really going to bed now.

Up Late

Since, the children have no school (well almost) tomorrow, I let them stay up and watch Myth Busters. It was a CRHISTmas episode.

I baked some Chocolate Chip cookies tonight. Yum! Although my first batch came out flat. We called them "Flat Cookies". I don't know why they do this sometimes. The second batch came out semi flat and the third one was normal. I don't know if it's the oven our what! The outer part of the cookie dough seems to melt pretty fast.

Church service was great! I really like our church. Lots of talent too. It's great to see the youth involved in the service. After we went to Arby's. We had coupons. Fed all of us for $25.00. Lupe and I had their new subs. Yum.

After our Sunday nap, Lupe took Caleb & Josh, to help him at my dad's house. Still getting it rent ready.

What Fun

We had our yearly doctor appointment today. The drive is about 40-60 minutes. When we moved from Plano we didn't want to give up our wonderful doctor, so we make the trip out. They are so kind to take us all. We left the house at 11:00 a.m. arrived at our appointment at 11:40a.m. and finished at 5:15p.m.
I'm thankful that the staff is so kind, it really makes our appointment quiet enjoyable. There was a new receptionist this year she gave us a kind compliment saying she has never seen such well behaved children.
We are all pretty healthy. Lupe and I still have high cholesterol. Lupe, is taking medication and I need to exercise more.
The children are all doing great. My four middle kiddos all have slight eczema. One of Annette's nasal passages was shaped like a crescent moon and the other was half open, so that may explain why she's been uncomfortable. Caleb, had closed nasal passages as well but not as bad as Annette's and Brent was third runner up.
We all got the flu shot. I didn't really want to get it but I caved. I'm okay with it (although my Lance, has been acting up since we got it).
As for my bedwetter, we are going to get some medication to help him. We have tried almost everything the doctor has recommended in the past (except for the bell, ringy thing). Again, I feel comfortable with this.

By the time we were done with all eight appointments we were HUNGRY!!! Lupe, took us to TinStar. I had the Flamin Salmon (think that's what it was called). We all enjoyed our dinner. We don't normally take the children with us when going to anything higher than fastfood (well, we do every-so-often as a treat) so it was extra special.

After TinStar, we went to Lowes. Lupe's Disneyland. Since we were in our old neighborhood, we decided to see our house. The children have been wanting to see the old place. On the way, my Sweets bought me a 'high' society Mocha from Starbucks. Yummy. Love those Gingerbread Mochas and I haven't had one for a while. It was fun driving down our old street. I must say, I miss the much larger house. It was beautiful.

We had a nice drive back home. Listening to CHRISTmas music and enjoying all the lights. It felt so CHRISTmasy. Thank you Jesus, for our family time together.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention; out of all the children, Josh, was the worst with getting his shot. I thought he was going to hyper-ventilate. I had to hold him still by giving him a big hug. Later, he told me it didn't hurt. He thought it was going to be painful. Silly boy of mine.

So, even though we had a doctors appointment that took five hours, it was a wonderful day.

Now, snug in our little home, we are enjoying some hot chocolate. At least the children are.
Lance, took his mug as soon as I spooned the hot chocolate in, so you only see five mugs. The Taz mug is Joshua's and I know Ethan, will choose the glass mug.


I'm suppose to be studying for our math session tomorrow (not sure if we'll really get to it because we have a doctor appt.) but thought I'd blog real quick about my Caleb. He so cautious. Today a friend of ours put some CHRISTmas lights on our front porch. I have them on still because Lupe, is not home yet and I want him to be surprised.
Caleb, went to check on the lights and said they are hot but it's so cold out (36 degrees) that they shouldn't catch on fire. I let him know (to comfort him) that I'll make sure dad turns them off before we go to bed. Caleb, smiled at me and said, "Well, if I wake up at night and see them on, I'll just make sure to turn them off." He's so cute. I love my Caleb.
He also let me know that the lights in the living room are already feeling warm.

CHRISTmas Read

Today, was Brent's turn to pick a book. His favorite "Annika's Secret Wish"
This is the book that inspired us to start the 'Rice Pudding with the Almond' in it tradition.

How did we come to find Annika's Secret Wish? One CHRISTmas season we where at my In-laws house and Grandpa Lupe, read this book to the children. Well of course after that, I had to get the book. I loved the illustrations and Annika's gift to Jesus.

Here is a bit of what the book is about (taken from CBD).

21811: Annika&amp;quot;s Secret Wish Annika's Secret Wish

"What would I wish for?" Annika wondered aloud. "If ever I had the almond in my puddingwhat would be my wish?"

In turn-of the-century Sweden, finding the almond hidden in the rice pudding is the Christmas Eve highlight for many children, since it means a chance to wish a new pair of snowshoes, a mountain of truffles coated with cocoa, an adorable kitten. For ten long years--all of her life--Annika has dreamed of discovering the almond in her own pudding. Will this be her year?

A beautiful book that will become part of your family's Christmas heritage, Annika's Secret Wish inspires young and old to freely give and share even long hoped-for gifts. The final page features Swedish Christmas traditions that your family may choose to include in your own holiday celebration. Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Day 74

 This is what Joshua, Annette, Caleb and Brent worked on today. Joshua said, it was math art. Tomorrow we'll work with 3's and 4's. Today, it took a bit longer than I thought. Making these is not as easy at it looks. Below is Annette's and as you can see her numbers are not positioned right (but that's okay). I had them practice a few times before drawing in their main lesson book.
They also continued working with their multiplication and division. Caleb, is really good. He has almost all of his facts mastered. He memorizes them really quick. Has since he started math. He had his addition and subtraction facts mastered by 2nd grade without me drilling him. No flashcards or anything.
Once we are done with our geometry math (not sure what to call the skip counting drawing we are making) we will finally move onto long multiplication, long division, averaging and factoring.

I'm still not sure where I'm going with this. Do I start back with our regular scheduled program (meaning math books again) or continue with our Creative Math????
I really like Bob Jones math for Caleb but he is my more mathy child and I think will benefit from our Creative Math, I don't care for Horizons Math for Annette, Josh, we are just trying to figure out what to do with (eventually I'd like him to start Saxon Math), Brent's Saxon math is okay, Ethan and Lance, have some fun McRuffy Math combined with Saxon. Hmmmm.......I'm thinking, I'm thinking....................
I would like them to continue with their programs and Creative Math but that's too hard for me. Too much to keep up with.

Ethan, took a spelling test today. I am tweaking his spelling test, just a little. I say the word, use it in a sentence and we finger spell it first, then he writes it. For instance, if the word is dime, I'll hold a finger up for the letter 'd' another finger for 'i' two fingers together for 'me'. This jogs his memory to remember the silent 'e'. If the word is 'milk' I'll again, hold up on finger for each letter, if he doesn't see two fingers for the /k/ sound he knows it's going to be a 'k' if he sees two fingers for the /k/ sound then he knows to use 'ck'.
Saxon Phonics has their own way of 'finger spelling' but I prefer how I learned it with using Spell-to-Write and Read. I know I'm 'giving' away the answer but I do believe their brain is picking things up. I also don't want him to feel that it's too hard for him. You, know, the confidence thing.

For history today, the kiddos had some real fun with Grandpa. Josh and Annette, made a little family tree and later we'll transfer some of the info to our timeline. The timeline is the same one that Josh and Annette have had since, we started school (from Sonlight). Too bad I never thought to add things that they have accomplished in their timeline books. That would have been neat. We did add their baby pictures.

We had our water turned off for a few hours today because there was a leak under our house, coming from the bathroom. The washer was leaking.
Our house is a bit crooked. We had the foundation guy come out to fix it before we moved in but it's still not leveled. When you walk down the hallway, you can feel the crookedness. Let's just say, if you put a marble on the floor it will roll. I think in our kitchen it's a bit unleveled too. When I fry an egg for my Sweets, it slides to one side, I turn the pan to add another one and it slides to the other side. Pretty interesting.

That wraps up day 74!

Christmas Traditions

Yesterday, my Sweets, brought our CHRISTmas bins from storage. The children and I were so happy to finally decorate. In the bins are some of our favorite CHRISTmas stories. Every year I add another book or movie to our collection. Haven't picked out a book this year but did get two movies to add.

Through the month of December I read at least one book a day. Today, Annette, picked the first CHRISTmas book. Emma's Christmas Wish.
This is one of our favorite CHRISTmas stories (actually almost all of them are). I have never finished the story with dry eyes. I purchased this book at least eight years ago. Lupe and I were shopping in a Hallmark in California. We were in the check-out line when I spotted the book. I thumbed through it, and put it back. I knew my hubby, would not want me to buy the book, but I picked it up again. I REALLY wanted it but knowing it wasn't something we needed I  put it back again (yes the line was long). Finally I said, "Dear, I'm going to get this book, do you mind?" I looked at him with my big brown eyes and he said it was fine. I'm so glad I didn't leave it in the store. I have read this book ever since and I think this year we will make some of the recipes that are located in the back of the book.
I must say, that every time I read this book it makes me a little bit sad that we don't have traditions. I don't have any traditions to pass on to the kids. Slowly we have made some but they are nothing like Emma's Christmas Wish.

In the book Emma's mother is sick and won't be home for CHRISTmas. She thinks that if she can make CHRISTmas like her mother does, that her mother will be well enough to come home for the holiday. She follows the family scrapbook and is able to pull it off. Everything she needs is in the book of memories. It's neat to read about her aunts from 1905 right down to her mother's current entries.
I just may start our own CHRISTmas memory cookbook for Annette.
Some of our traditions are:
  • Decorate with lots of lights, even in the kids bedrooms (they love the lights hanging in their rooms) I have done this since they were toddlers.
  • Read lots of CHRISTmas books. At least one a day.
  • Advent Ornament book. My MIL purchased this for us five years ago. Everyday we pick one ornament and I read it and the children take turns putting it on the tree or some garland that we have hanging (this year it's the garland, we have been late with trees lately)
  • CHRISTmas Eve I make rice pudding for dessert with one single Almond. The children love this. We got the idea from another book. We changed it a little; whoever gets the Almond, is the first person to open their gifts on CHRISTmas morning, this year we might let the special person open a gift on CHRISTmas Eve though.
  • When opening gifts on CHRISTmas morning, we all take turns. It's so much more fun to see each child wait patiently for their turn to open the next gift.
  • Can't forget the CHRISTmas movies
That's a little bit of what we do for CHRISTmas.
I would like to do better with Advent. This year I'm going to buy the wreath and candles for next CHRISTMas and read Lisa Welchels Advent book in October to get ready for CHRISTmas. This year I missplaced the book, but it's been found and I'll be ready for next year.

I would also like to have a CHRISTmas menu (like in the book ;) so I'm going to get that going this year and add to it next CHRISTmas. Maybe we'll have our CHRISTmas count down too (again, like the story)

Merry CHRISTmas to you all!!!

You're Our Filebox

"What if you die, you're like our filebox. You have everything filed away!" This is what Joshua, said to his Grandpa Joe. Thought it was too cute to not remember later.
Grandpa Joe, is here for his morning cup of java, and the children are asking about their great, great grand parents (native American heritage).

My great grandparents spoke no English. My grandfather's mother was Indian. I still carry the Indian nose. It was passed from my Great Grandmother Lupe, to my Grandfather Carlos, to my dad and me. I use to be embarrassed of my big nose, but now I am proud to carry a part of our Indian heritage (hee, hee). I think I have grown into it though. My sisters use to call me Hawk Nose when I was little.

Day 73

Another day closer to our 100th day of school. Wow!

Tutoring sessions I have had today:
  • Dictation with Caleb, using Phonics Pathways
  • Dictation with Brent, using Phonics Pathways
  • Saxon Phonics with Ethan
  • Creative Math time with Ethan.
  • Help when needed.
Our Creative Math time is going okay. We have been working with multiplication. Memorizing them forward and back. Joshua, says it's easy for him but I still think it's good for him to learn them backwards (12 is 6x2) and also learn how to skip count backwards.
I'm struggling with or Creative Math because I know Josh, can handle more, so I'm going to see what I can learn tonight. Eeeks!
You know, when I go into panic mode about a subject, I freak out and it puts a little stress on our pocket book. I'm not kidding, I'm embarrassed to say that I spent $100.00 on math stuff this past month.  It will be used but still.

With regards to our Creative Math, I had the children take 12 gems and put them in piles (each pile had 4 gems). We all wrote out an addition problem 4+4+4+4=12, a multiplication problem 3x4=12 and a division problem 12 divided by 3 is 4. I also walked them through each step. For instance with the division problem I would say, "Annette, had 12 cookies and she wanted to share them with Caleb and Brent. How may would each get?" then we would work the problem out with the gems and write it as well.

I still need to sit with Josh for spelling and Ethan, needs to finish is Saxon Phonics lesson.

Pictures of Day 73.
From Lance School his puzzle for the day (it's really to keep him busy for a while, shhhh)
 Ethan's Creative Math day was writing the number three. I'm the one who drew this though. You know me, I take pics of everything. I think my drawing is improving!
 A page from Brent's Creative Math book.
 Annette's books. I think she needs to take better care of her school-books!
Have a blessed day!

Christmas Shopping

I'm just about done with my CHRISTmas shopping. I went a wee bit over our budget. At Christian Books they had an audio book sale and I just couldn't help myself.
The Nativity Story was on sale for $4.99! I have wanted to purchase it for the last two years. Christmas Child was also $4.99, it's now on sale for $2.99.
The audio books were only $10.99 each normally $22.99. If I could I'd purchase more. The ones I got for the children to share are:
  • The Hiding Place 
  • Father Gilbert Mysteries
  • Billy Budd, Sailor
  • At the Back of the North Wind
I had a coupon for free shipping too! I was so excited with the savings and all.

For CHRISTmas, I buy each child a few gifts each. I also purchase community gifts that they all share. Usually games, audio books, books or legos and such. I try not to purchase too many toys.
I did get Lance, a pretend camping set. It was one of the more pricey gifts but I think it will be well used. I can see him now, tagging along with his big brothers on one of their 'expeditions'.
I really have to control my shopping during CHRISTmas time. We don't purchase toys or gifts for the children through the year. We will buy them books at Half-Price Books or and audio book but that's about all. Basically they get gifts for their birthday and CHRISTmas only.
I know CHRISTmas is not about the gifts but I will admit, it's a great excuse to get the children something they have been wanting.

Yeah, It's Friday!

Earlier today, my dad was on his way to the store. He wasn't feeling too well and was going to get some medicine. He asked if I needed anything. I requested some frozen pizzas for supper tonight. Later, around dinner time I  took out one of the pizzas from the box and thought, it sure looks small.

 Once nice and piping hot, I had the children gather around for some more Creative Math. As I cut the pizzas up we would say what fraction it was.
  I'm a bit disappointed because I missed an opportunity here to go over mixed fractions. Bummer! Guess, we were too hungry. Maybe I  can bake some small cakes later, oh, wait, cookies would be good for this too!!!
 Lance, is eating some leftover pizza. He was not allowed to watch the Friday night movie with us. He misbehaved today. I didn't feel like giving a correction, so I took a privilege away instead. No dessert and no movie. He cried and I felt bad, but he needs to learn to obey his mama.
Uh, how in the world did Lance, get out of these pants. How long has he been wearing them?
Just kidding! These are Lance's pants, and yes, some how he changed but he did put them on this morning. They are a size 6. My Lance, is six years old but still wears between a size 4 and 5. Like my Annette, she's 11yrs. old and she is finally wearing a size 7. I think we got rid of her last size 6 pants.

Brent, reading a Phonebook.

Day 71/Week 13

Week 13. December 6th-10th, 2010

Another week down. Doesn't feel or look like we have completed 13 weeks of school. I feel like we should be further along.

This week instead of our regular math, we have been dabbling in Waldorf math or what I dubbed as "Creative Math"
I have decided to take a month of from our math textbooks and try something new, colorful and fun. To tell you the truth I don't know what we are doing. So far we have practiced Roman Numerals, Place Value and the four operations {+, -, x and division). I have read stories and demonstrated the four operations using 'gems'.
This week we worked with skip counting and multiplication.
The children and I  practiced making our skip counting/times wheels.

this one I made today.
 The one below was my practice one. I made it the night before and my numbers where off. I also couldn't resist adding 'Linda Loves Lupe' Thankfully I practiced first because by the next day I made it some-what nicer.
this one I made last night.
Next week, the children will add their wheels to their Main Lesson Book. This week was practice only.

 I took our math lesson outside today. The children are skip counting by 4's backwards (48, 44, 40, 36....). I used sidewalk chalk to write the numbers and the children hopped, while they counted backwards.

Caleb and Brent, continue to use Phonics Pathways.
First I dictate words from the previous lessons. After they write the word in their notebook, I write the word on the chalkboard and go over any rules. For example the word 'milky' I'll as, "Why are we using a 'k' instead of 'ck'?" As I write  'milky' I stop after the 'k' and ask, "How do I add the -y?" They will tell me to add only a 'y'. I'll ask, "Do I need to double the 'k', why?" and so forth.
After I dictate words from the previous lessons, then I introduce the new rule and dictate sentences.
Caleb and Brent, know many of the rules from Phonics Road, so we don't stay too long on a page. I'll even skip a few pages once they can understand the rule and can spell them.

Joshua and Annette, continue to work on their CHRISTmas Unit Study from Notgrass.

 Annette's page.

Lance, painting.

Josh and Brent, reading.

 Look, what my dad brought me today! He buys these every December for me (thanks dad).
 He also got the children a box of Candy Canes. I was happily surprised to find the tradition of the Candy Cane on the back of the box.
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Saxon Phonics 1

Saxon Phonics Lesson 50

Today Ethan, completed his assessment that he started yesterday.

 He did okay. Below when writing words with the sneaky silent 'e', he missed the word 'use'.
 He missed four spelling words. It wasn't easy. One of the words he misspelled was 'deep' he spelled it d-e-p-e and one of the sight words was 'put' as you can see (at least in my opinion) those are difficult words.
 Here, Ethan, had to tell me what sound the vowels were making and tell me the letter names. For instance with i-e he would say, "I consonant e"
 After his assessment we played a game. As you can see, Ethan, likes the games. I was going to crop this picture because the milk jug was showing but I liked that it shows one of Ethan's favorite mugs to use. The pink mug is mine. It was a CHRISTmas gift from Annette, a few years back. She purchased it with her AWANA money.
 One of his cards read "sit still". Here is Ethan, sitting still. Not sure about the whole palms up thing. Must be from The Lion King.
 Ethan had to drum, wink, jump and sit.
  Ethan, has been using Saxon Phonics since July, 2010. Today, he completed lesson 50. We should probably be further along but I'm really enjoying the pace. I'm not rushing him through trying to play catch-up or anything. I'm okay with Ethan, being in 2nd grade and using Saxon Phonics 1st. It's a pretty meaty phonics program and I'm glad he is a bit older with using the first level (I like to think of them as levels instead of grades)
So, that's where we are with Saxon Phonics.