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I'm suppose to be studying for our math session tomorrow (not sure if we'll really get to it because we have a doctor appt.) but thought I'd blog real quick about my Caleb. He so cautious. Today a friend of ours put some CHRISTmas lights on our front porch. I have them on still because Lupe, is not home yet and I want him to be surprised.
Caleb, went to check on the lights and said they are hot but it's so cold out (36 degrees) that they shouldn't catch on fire. I let him know (to comfort him) that I'll make sure dad turns them off before we go to bed. Caleb, smiled at me and said, "Well, if I wake up at night and see them on, I'll just make sure to turn them off." He's so cute. I love my Caleb.
He also let me know that the lights in the living room are already feeling warm.

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