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Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve tradition here at Homeschooling6; we have a Polar Express Day.

 Normally, we make a train out of chairs in the living room for the reading. This year since we had no room to do that, they sat on the couch.

Here is what we do. I print tickets and pass them out. I stand at the living room entrance, and call out, "All aboard the Polar Express!!!" They hand me their tickets. Once everyone is aboard, I read the book, then we watch the movie. As they watch the movie I get the kitchen ready. I make a sign that reads "Polar Express Cafe, Cookies and Hot Chocolate served here." I make the table look nice, get the hot chocolate and cookies ready.
I didn't purchase a tablecloth, bells, Christmasy plates and cups this year (on a budget) so I got creative. I cut a piece of wrapping paper and used it as a table runner/cloth. I bought some candles at the grocery store for $1.29 buy one get one free. My dad gave me a candle holder and we used real mugs instead. It really came out nice. I should have taken a picture of the table before the children sat down.

After the movie, I stand at the entrance of the 'Cafe' and they hand me their tickets again. This time I use a hole puncher and punch holes in their tickets.
 While the chocolate was heating, I had them color a Gingerbread man.
 Below left is Annette's and right is Caleb's.
Josh, wasn't with us this time. He had to help his dad and Grandpa's house (still fixing it to rent)

I also had the children, write what CHRISTmas means to them.

On Christmas Eve, Lupe and I didn't get to bed until 4:00 a.m.
I had to finish with the cooking and giftwrapping. Thankfully my Sweets, helps with the wrapping. That took us three hours. Normally we finish by 1:00 a.m. but for some reason it took us a lot longer this year.


  1. LOTS of fun going on at your house! Oh, my wrapping until 4am...I hope that you had a lot of nice yummy hot coffee to keep you going.

  2. Not me, not this year. usually hubby wraps all of the gifts, but this year I gave him a break and wrapped them slowly before Christmas Eve--I think he was in shock. It's the first time I actually got them done early. (by the way, his wrapping is very lovely, mine looks like a 1rst grader did it...LOL!--but it got done)

    Oh Linda, your night sounds like it was lovely! you have such a gift of joy! Send some of that my way, okay. k

    Dee ;)

  3. Dee, it was a lovely night. Even staying up so late. Hubby and I had a nice time. Lupe, wraps better than I do as well.
    Tamara, I did have a good cup of coffee before I started. Hee, hee.

  4. Wow..you are so fun!! Won't tell my kiddos or they will want to come and live with you..LOL.
    I stayed up till 6 wrapping presents usually I am done at 4 it seemed to take forever and they got less then usual..wierd.

  5. Hi Linda :) just checking in and letting you know that I had you on my heart.

    I wanted to ask if your son is doing well with McRuffy Color K. My daughter seems to be struggling -- might be me struggling...hehe! She is just not "getting it" and since it builds upon each lesson I keep having to go back and review and she can't seem to grasp counting up to 20 yet.

    Anyways, just thought I'd ask if you had any good pointers. I'm thinking of putting her in the Singapore Early Kindergarten for a change but I HATE CHANGE...errr!

    Thanks just for letting me ramble! I think I need to go and get a cup of coffee and say a prayer.