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CHRISTmas Read

Today, was Brent's turn to pick a book. His favorite "Annika's Secret Wish"
This is the book that inspired us to start the 'Rice Pudding with the Almond' in it tradition.

How did we come to find Annika's Secret Wish? One CHRISTmas season we where at my In-laws house and Grandpa Lupe, read this book to the children. Well of course after that, I had to get the book. I loved the illustrations and Annika's gift to Jesus.

Here is a bit of what the book is about (taken from CBD).

21811: Annika"s Secret Wish Annika's Secret Wish

"What would I wish for?" Annika wondered aloud. "If ever I had the almond in my puddingwhat would be my wish?"

In turn-of the-century Sweden, finding the almond hidden in the rice pudding is the Christmas Eve highlight for many children, since it means a chance to wish a new pair of snowshoes, a mountain of truffles coated with cocoa, an adorable kitten. For ten long years--all of her life--Annika has dreamed of discovering the almond in her own pudding. Will this be her year?

A beautiful book that will become part of your family's Christmas heritage, Annika's Secret Wish inspires young and old to freely give and share even long hoped-for gifts. The final page features Swedish Christmas traditions that your family may choose to include in your own holiday celebration. Recommended for ages 4 and up.

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