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Christmas Shopping

I'm just about done with my CHRISTmas shopping. I went a wee bit over our budget. At Christian Books they had an audio book sale and I just couldn't help myself.
The Nativity Story was on sale for $4.99! I have wanted to purchase it for the last two years. Christmas Child was also $4.99, it's now on sale for $2.99.
The audio books were only $10.99 each normally $22.99. If I could I'd purchase more. The ones I got for the children to share are:
  • The Hiding Place 
  • Father Gilbert Mysteries
  • Billy Budd, Sailor
  • At the Back of the North Wind
I had a coupon for free shipping too! I was so excited with the savings and all.

For CHRISTmas, I buy each child a few gifts each. I also purchase community gifts that they all share. Usually games, audio books, books or legos and such. I try not to purchase too many toys.
I did get Lance, a pretend camping set. It was one of the more pricey gifts but I think it will be well used. I can see him now, tagging along with his big brothers on one of their 'expeditions'.
I really have to control my shopping during CHRISTmas time. We don't purchase toys or gifts for the children through the year. We will buy them books at Half-Price Books or and audio book but that's about all. Basically they get gifts for their birthday and CHRISTmas only.
I know CHRISTmas is not about the gifts but I will admit, it's a great excuse to get the children something they have been wanting.


  1. He's going to love that camp set. I can't post what I got on my blog because they look at my blog when I'm on. LOL! It's so much fun to spoil them a little, though, isn't it? :)

    I love giving!!!

  2. I love the camp set. That is a useful toy!


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