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Christmas Traditions

Yesterday, my Sweets, brought our CHRISTmas bins from storage. The children and I were so happy to finally decorate. In the bins are some of our favorite CHRISTmas stories. Every year I add another book or movie to our collection. Haven't picked out a book this year but did get two movies to add.

Through the month of December I read at least one book a day. Today, Annette, picked the first CHRISTmas book. Emma's Christmas Wish.
This is one of our favorite CHRISTmas stories (actually almost all of them are). I have never finished the story with dry eyes. I purchased this book at least eight years ago. Lupe and I were shopping in a Hallmark in California. We were in the check-out line when I spotted the book. I thumbed through it, and put it back. I knew my hubby, would not want me to buy the book, but I picked it up again. I REALLY wanted it but knowing it wasn't something we needed I  put it back again (yes the line was long). Finally I said, "Dear, I'm going to get this book, do you mind?" I looked at him with my big brown eyes and he said it was fine. I'm so glad I didn't leave it in the store. I have read this book ever since and I think this year we will make some of the recipes that are located in the back of the book.
I must say, that every time I read this book it makes me a little bit sad that we don't have traditions. I don't have any traditions to pass on to the kids. Slowly we have made some but they are nothing like Emma's Christmas Wish.

In the book Emma's mother is sick and won't be home for CHRISTmas. She thinks that if she can make CHRISTmas like her mother does, that her mother will be well enough to come home for the holiday. She follows the family scrapbook and is able to pull it off. Everything she needs is in the book of memories. It's neat to read about her aunts from 1905 right down to her mother's current entries.
I just may start our own CHRISTmas memory cookbook for Annette.
Some of our traditions are:
  • Decorate with lots of lights, even in the kids bedrooms (they love the lights hanging in their rooms) I have done this since they were toddlers.
  • Read lots of CHRISTmas books. At least one a day.
  • Advent Ornament book. My MIL purchased this for us five years ago. Everyday we pick one ornament and I read it and the children take turns putting it on the tree or some garland that we have hanging (this year it's the garland, we have been late with trees lately)
  • CHRISTmas Eve I make rice pudding for dessert with one single Almond. The children love this. We got the idea from another book. We changed it a little; whoever gets the Almond, is the first person to open their gifts on CHRISTmas morning, this year we might let the special person open a gift on CHRISTmas Eve though.
  • When opening gifts on CHRISTmas morning, we all take turns. It's so much more fun to see each child wait patiently for their turn to open the next gift.
  • Can't forget the CHRISTmas movies
That's a little bit of what we do for CHRISTmas.
I would like to do better with Advent. This year I'm going to buy the wreath and candles for next CHRISTMas and read Lisa Welchels Advent book in October to get ready for CHRISTmas. This year I missplaced the book, but it's been found and I'll be ready for next year.

I would also like to have a CHRISTmas menu (like in the book ;) so I'm going to get that going this year and add to it next CHRISTmas. Maybe we'll have our CHRISTmas count down too (again, like the story)

Merry CHRISTmas to you all!!!


  1. Linda, this was such a sweet post. I bet that there are lots of traditions that you have that you do subconciously.

    I really love the rice pudding one, and I think we may try that this year. :)

    One of our Christmas traditions is watching movies as well. Charlie Brown, A Christmas Story, and It Runs In The Family are our favorites.

  2. Dee, can't believe I forgot the movies. I hope to add Charlie Brown one to our collection this year.


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