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Day 67

Day 67

Today, was mom directed. I new what needed to be done, had a mental note and went from there. It just didn't seem like an ordinary day, so that plays out to not an ordinary school day. Which, can be a good thing.
I used the chalkboard for school instead of lots of pencil and paper. It was fun. At least I had fun writing on the chalkboard.

For the month of December, Annette and Josh will do a Unit Study.
 Annette and Josh, working on their CHRISTmas unit study, Caleb and Brent, writing from dictation.
 Annette's first page of Jesus' Baby book. This is part of the Notgrass unit study.
 Annette's work.
Just so you all know we are normal, and our kids do misbehave. Here is a picture of Lance, having a tantrum.
Lance, didn't obey, so I took one of his CHRISTmas candies away and he decided to have a melt down.
 Here is the puzzle for the day. I think Lance, has too much free time on his hands. Before he could leave the kitchen he had to complete this puzzle. I'm all for free child play, but I think too much can be a bad thing. Just my opinion.

Dictation sentences from Phonics Pathways.
Caleb's dictation.
 As you can see, with Brent's dictation below, I didn't catch at the time a few backwards 's'. I will conquer this!!!
Before their dictation passages, I wrote words from last weeks list. Went over the rules for {k, c, ck, k at the end of a word, when do double a consonant when adding the suffix -y} as we reviewed, again I wrote some words pertaining to the rule we reviewed, so they cold 'see' it as well as hear and tell me the rule.
Once done, then I dictated some sentences, phrases and words.

With Josh, he went over the rules as well. The same as Caleb and Brent, and when to use 'tch' and 'ch'. I had him practice writing words with the tch and ch rule, then I dictated ten sentences from Phonics Pathways.
I also had him improve a paragraph that he wrote from his Learning Language Arts Through Literature program. He had a major run-on sentence and some words were misspelled.

With Ethan, instead of his regular Saxon Phonics day, I had him practice reading words like, dime, spoke, swept, sweeping, swept and a few others. I also wrote a phrase and a sentence. If he had any trouble with a word he was to code it. We also went over some sight words and he did very well with them. He gets so excited, every time he reads a sight word.

Annette, made soup for lunch.

And, they had some fun recess time with Grandpa Joe. They tossed a football around.
Temeratrue today is 48 but feels like 45.

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  1. Perhaps Miss Annette would be willing to share her recipe with us, because that soup looks awfully good to me right now. Blessings.