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Day 68

What did we do today? Our day started off with:
  • James Study from My Father's World
  • History from MFW. I read from Building a City On a Hill and Exploring America History. We are finishing week 4.
  • We did some 'Creative Math'. We found all the ways to make 12 {11+1, 10+1+1, 8+2, 8+1+1, etc). We went over our 10's time tables (20 is 10x2, 30 is 10x3 etc.) and lastly we did a little division (how many times does 4 go into 16) we used gems to see, we also divided the gems equally in half. Like I said, I am more of; give me the lesson plans and I will follow, kind of person. With this I have no lesson plans and I'm having a hard time coming up with my own.
  • Did Language Arts with Caleb and Brent. Phonics Pathways and Phonics Road.
  • Did spelling with Josh. Used Phonics Pathways.
  • Saxon Phonics with Ethan. Introduced the two sounds for 'oo' {hook and tooth}
  • Did some form drawing with the kids
and that was about it! Oh, we did have lunch at 12:30. I do need to get some phonics done with Lance, still. I also need to go over Learning Language Arts with Literature with Josh and Annette.

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  1. I'm like you: Give me lesson plans and I will follow (in my own tweaked way, of course)! We used MFW last year -- didn't completely memorize James but it was good while we did it!


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