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Day 71/Week 13

Week 13. December 6th-10th, 2010

Another week down. Doesn't feel or look like we have completed 13 weeks of school. I feel like we should be further along.

This week instead of our regular math, we have been dabbling in Waldorf math or what I dubbed as "Creative Math"
I have decided to take a month of from our math textbooks and try something new, colorful and fun. To tell you the truth I don't know what we are doing. So far we have practiced Roman Numerals, Place Value and the four operations {+, -, x and division). I have read stories and demonstrated the four operations using 'gems'.
This week we worked with skip counting and multiplication.
The children and I  practiced making our skip counting/times wheels.

this one I made today.
 The one below was my practice one. I made it the night before and my numbers where off. I also couldn't resist adding 'Linda Loves Lupe' Thankfully I practiced first because by the next day I made it some-what nicer.
this one I made last night.
Next week, the children will add their wheels to their Main Lesson Book. This week was practice only.

 I took our math lesson outside today. The children are skip counting by 4's backwards (48, 44, 40, 36....). I used sidewalk chalk to write the numbers and the children hopped, while they counted backwards.

Caleb and Brent, continue to use Phonics Pathways.
First I dictate words from the previous lessons. After they write the word in their notebook, I write the word on the chalkboard and go over any rules. For example the word 'milky' I'll as, "Why are we using a 'k' instead of 'ck'?" As I write  'milky' I stop after the 'k' and ask, "How do I add the -y?" They will tell me to add only a 'y'. I'll ask, "Do I need to double the 'k', why?" and so forth.
After I dictate words from the previous lessons, then I introduce the new rule and dictate sentences.
Caleb and Brent, know many of the rules from Phonics Road, so we don't stay too long on a page. I'll even skip a few pages once they can understand the rule and can spell them.

Joshua and Annette, continue to work on their CHRISTmas Unit Study from Notgrass.

 Annette's page.

Lance, painting.

Josh and Brent, reading.

 Look, what my dad brought me today! He buys these every December for me (thanks dad).
 He also got the children a box of Candy Canes. I was happily surprised to find the tradition of the Candy Cane on the back of the box.
Because I blog all week, you can scroll down to read more of a Week at Homeschooling6.


  1. Lots of great stuff going on in your house. Love the creative math!

  2. Looks like a really great and fun week! I bet that this break in math will be so good for them, plus it's cementing facts in a way that they will always remember, not to mention all the beautiful memories!


  3. I love the Baby Book for Jesus - such a unique idea!


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